TLDR Web Dev 2024-06-07

Surprise $96k Vercel bill 🤯, the truth about MVPs today ✍️, losing $40k in 2 minutes 🤦

Articles & Tutorials

How Deep is Your DOM? (5 minute read)

Excessive DOM size in websites can negatively impact performance, especially on lower-end devices. Deeper DOM trees, while not affecting page load time significantly in a simple experiment, slow down rendering when combined with many elements and complex CSS. This is because the browser needs more time to calculate styles and update the positions of each element, which potentially blocks the main thread and makes the site unresponsive.

What is Google Zanzibar? (10 minute read)

Google Zanzibar is a globally distributed authorization system designed to address the complex access control needs of Google's software ecosystem. It combines the granularity of Access Control Lists (ACLs) with the simplicity of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to make handling permissions simpler. By modeling permissions as data in a graph, Zanzibar allows for querying and derivation of relationships between objects. It uses standard functions like Read, Write, Watch, Check, and Expand to interact with the graph, and a tuple-based language to describe resources and relationships.
Opinions & Advice

Software MVPs can no longer be low quality (1 minute read)

The traditional philosophy of shipping a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with compromised quality is no longer viable in today's software-saturated market. Software developers must focus on creating truly differentiated products with exceptional craft and taste to stand out from the competition as users have numerous alternatives today.

Compromised visions are superior (8 minute read)

Constraints can foster creativity and lead to better products. A system where product owners set clear constraints on scope and time is much better than unconstrained product backlogs that lead to complexity and project overruns.

You should keep a developer's journal (5 minute read)

Keeping a developer's journal helps you write better code by forcing you to clarify your goals and plan your work. It also helps you learn from your experience by tracking your thought process and solutions to problems.
Launches & Tools

Fontsource (Website)

This website allows users to search for fonts by sentence. There are many fonts available, including variable fonts.

Browser Extension Mark Scroll Positions (Website)

This extension saves your scroll positions, making it easy to resume reading later. You can save unlimited scroll positions, add notes, rename them, and view all your saved spots on a dedicated page.

SVG Gobbler (GitHub Repo)

SVG Gobbler is a browser extension that allows you to locate SVG content on your current tab and provides options to optimize, download, copy, edit, or export it.

Ada Lovelace's 180-Year-Old Notes Previewed the Future of Computers (6 minute read)

Ada Lovelace's annotations to a paper about the analytical engine, the world's first general-purpose computer, are considered foundational to computer science. In her notes, Lovelace demonstrated a deep understanding of the engine's capabilities and envisioned the machine manipulating symbols according to rules to create music and other forms of media. Despite her insights, the analytical engine was never built due to a lack of funding.

How I learned Vulkan and wrote a small game engine with it (45 minute read)

This professional programmer learned Vulkan in 3 months and created a small game engine with it. The engine is suitable for smaller level-based games and was initially a project for learning Vulkan. They recommend starting with OpenGL and learning the latest OpenGL 4.6 practices before moving to Vulkan.
Quick Links

Cost-Efficient NLP with OpenAI's GPT-3.5-Turbo (11 minute read)

Prompts should be crafted to minimize token usage by formatting inputs and specifying concise outputs.

AWS CLI Essentials (1 minute read)

This list provides commonly used AWS CLI commands for core services like EC2 and S3.

Developer posts secret key on GitHub, loses $40K in 2 minutes (2 minute read)

A Web3 developer lost $40,000 within two minutes after accidentally making his wallet keys public on GitHub.

Surprise $96k Vercel bill (1 minute read)

A social media app called Cara, built by volunteers, went viral and racked up a surprise $96k bill from its Vercel function usage (which spiked at 56 million invocations a day).
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