TLDR Web Dev 2024-06-06

Stop abandoning side projects 🙅, Google’s Python UI platform🐍, expert dev opinions ✍️

Articles & Tutorials

Load Balancing Algorithm Crash Course (10 minute read)

Load balancing algorithms distribute network traffic across multiple servers based on specific criteria. Round Robin sequentially distributes requests, while Weighted Round Robin considers server capacity. Least Connections prioritizes servers with fewer active connections. IP Hash uses client IP addresses for session persistence. Advanced methods like Least Response Time and Weighted Least Connections combine multiple algorithms together.

Architectures for Central Server Collaboration (27 minute read)

This blog post explores different architectures for building real-time collaborative applications with a central server. It discusses the challenges of server-side rebasing and solutions. The post also delves into the complexities of handling text and list editing in collaborative apps and recommends using optimistic local updates to improve user experience.
Opinions & Advice

How I finally quit abandoning my side-projects and launched my first paid SaaS product (Reddit Thread)

This Reddit poster overcame their habit of abandoning side projects and successfully launched their first paid SaaS product by identifying and addressing the reasons they usually quit. They tackled the complexity of projects by keeping the scope small and sticking to familiar technologies. Time constraints were overcome by creating dedicated time in the mornings and weekends, making sure the project could be completed within a month. To prevent burnout, they delegated tasks at work, took a vacation before starting the project, and used different technologies than their day job.
Launches & Tools

Mesop (Website)

Mesop is a Python-based UI platform used at Google to build internal UIs quickly for demos and other apps. It helps Python devs skip the frontend learning curve so that they can deploy their apps quickly.

BlockNote (GitHub Repo)

BlockNote is a React Rich Text Editor that's block-based (Notion style) and extensible. It comes with features like animations, drag-and-drop blocks, a slash menu, a format menu, helpful placeholders, and real-time collaboration support.

Experts.js (GitHub Repo)

Experts.js simplifies the creation and deployment of OpenAI's Assistants, allowing them to be linked together to form a Multi-AI Agent System with expanded memory. It uses OpenAI's Assistants API, which allows for larger context windows, more complex interactions, and better integrations with tools.

Apple put a Thread smart home radio into its newest Macs and iPads (4 minute read)

Apple has secretly included Thread radios in many of its newest products, such as the iPads, MacBooks, and iMacs. The Thread radio is a low-power, low-bandwidth mesh networking protocol ideal for smart home devices. While Apple hasn't commented, the inclusion of Thread in these devices could mean they could serve as home hubs, connecting directly with smart home devices, and act as Thread border routers.

From Scratch - Generative Adversarial Networks (26 minute read)

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are a generative AI method consisting of two models: a generator and a discriminator. The generator tries to create realistic samples from a training data distribution, while the discriminator aims to distinguish between real and generated samples. The two models are trained in a competitive process, with the generator improving its ability to generate realistic samples and the discriminator enhancing its ability to differentiate them. This article goes through building GANs from scratch.

What aren't the OpenAI whistleblowers saying? (8 minute read)

A group of current and former OpenAI employees, along with two from Google DeepMind, have published an open letter criticizing OpenAI's prioritization of profits and growth over AI safety. The whistleblowers claim that OpenAI has used restrictive agreements to silence employees' concerns. While some see the letter as evidence that AI safety concerns are valid, others criticize it for lacking concrete details and focusing on hypothetical risks.
Quick Links

Ophiuchi (Website)

Ophiuchi allows devs to set up SSL on localhost automatically.

Laudspeaker (GitHub Repo)

Laudspeaker is an open-source customer engagement and product onboarding platform that can be used to design product onboarding flows and send emails to customers.

VSCode Extension 5-minute Development Speedrun (13 minute read)

This is a fast walkthrough on building a VSCode extension with screenshots and code examples.

The state of AI in early 2024: Gen AI adoption spikes and starts to generate value (12 minute read)

Generative AI adoption increased a lot in 2024, with 65% of organizations regularly using it.
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