TLDR Web Dev 2024-05-23

Twitter logout bug 📲, S3 is old 💾, React Conf 2024 Recap 🎁

Articles & Tutorials

React 19 lets you write impossible components (13 minute read)

React 19 has features like Server Components and Server Actions, which optimize performance and simplify data handling by shifting more logic to the server. Server Actions make API endpoint creation and form handling easier by automatically managing pending UI states, error handling, and optimistic UI updates.

Speeding Up File Load Times, One Page At A Time (14 minute read)

Figma improved the load times of large and complex files by dynamically loading content as needed instead of all at once. It used its existing dependency framework, QueryGraph, to track and load read and write dependencies across pages. The Figma team implemented a shadow mode for validating dependencies and making sure data stayed consistent across unloaded pages.

The curious case of the missing period (12 minute read)

A client using custom document templates for customer communication experienced a recurring issue where periods would disappear from emails sent to specific customers. The bug was traced back to an SMTP client implementation that incorrectly handled lines starting with a period. A similar problem showed up later when a different team failed to patch the bug, resulting in some customers receiving incorrect billing information in their emails.
Opinions & Advice

Things You Should Never Do As A Software Engineer (7 minute read)

Software engineers shouldn't be overly perfectionist or blindly follow best practices. They should prioritize continuous refactoring and think hard about choosing the right programming paradigms for the context.

S3 Is Showing Its Age (4 minute read)

S3, Amazon's object storage service, is missing features like compare-and-swap (CAS), multi-region buckets, and object appends. S3 Express One Zone, S3's faster alternative, lacks many standard S3 features and has high storage costs. As S3 continues to not have these modern features, developers will have to either build workarounds or move on to an S3 alternative.
Launches & Tools

Jira.js (GitHub Repo)

Jira.js is a Node and browser module that allows developers to interact with the Jira Cloud API, Jira Agile Cloud API, and Jira ServiceDesk Cloud API.

Neosync (GitHub Repo)

Neosync is an open-source way to anonymize PII, generate synthetic data, and sync environments for a better developer experience. Developers can safely test code against production data, reproduce prod bugs locally, and fix broken staging environments.

Legend-State 3.0 Alpha (2 minute read)

Legend-State is a state library for JavaScript and React/React Native applications. 3.0 Alpha now has an offline-first, error-resilient sync system. It comes with new persistence and sync plugins for Supabase and TanStack Query.

Systematically Improving Your RAG (9 minute read)

To improve your RAG system, create synthetic questions and answers to evaluate precision and recall, then combine full-text and vector search for the best retrieval. RAG systems should have user feedback mechanisms to gather system performance data.

How I Made Google's “Web” View My Default Search (5 minute read)

Google recently added a "Web" filter that provides a simplified search results page similar to what Google looked like a decade ago, without the added information and ads. This feature is currently hidden under the "More" menu, but users can access it directly by adding "udm=14" to the search URL or customizing their browser's search settings.
Quick Links

React Conf 2024 Recap (5 minute read)

React Conf 2024's announcements include the React 19 RC release, React Native's New Architecture Beta, and the open-source React Compiler, with community members also sharing projects like React Router v7.

You can no longer log out of X/Twitter (Reddit Post)

X/Twitter automatically logs you in even when you log out because your session information is retrieved from when you visit

Navigating the JavaScript framework ecosystem (42 minute video)

Google Chrome has published a talk that provides a comprehensive overview of the latest trends, updates, and best practices in popular frameworks like Angular, React, Vue, and rising JS frameworks like Svelte and SolidJS.

Are People Using Container Queries? (3 minute read)

Container queries, a new CSS feature, have had a slower adoption than expected, possibly due to technical concerns.
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