Where World Class Tech Talent Meets Top Employers

TLDR Talent is a hiring platform where we make personal introductions between sought after employers and world class tech talent looking for their next mission
What is TLDR Talent?
TLDR Talent is a highly curated invite-only platform where top technical talent and companies meet. By requiring both candidates and employers to apply to join, we are able to facilitate higher quality matches than open platforms.
How do candidate applications work?
We ask job candidates to complete a short application (we respond within a week). Then we have an ex-Google recruiter screen all of the resumes, this allows us to maintain a much higher signal platform and attract higher quality employers.
How do I hire through TLDR Talent?
Once you apply and are accepted to join the platform, you may source candidates through our platform, post jobs, and request introductions to candidates through our search function. Once a candidate responds, you can continue interviewing the candidate with your normal hiring process outside of TLDR.
How do warm intros work?
By curating both the candidates and companies allowed on our platform, we are able to maintain a high trust process where we only send a few high signal opportunities to candidates, making them much more likely to respond. Companies get a set number of warm intro requests per month in order to avoid casting too wide of a net with candidates that aren't a great fit. Candidates that are accepted may ask us to make an intro to any company on or off the platform.
How do dedicated recruiters work?
For Enterprise clients, we offer a dedicated full cycle recruiter who can help guide candidates through your entire hiring process, from the initial warm intro all the way through until the final offer. We create a dedicated Slack channel for each Enterprise client, act as an extension of your team for the duration of the hiring process.
Any other questions?
Contact us at support@tldr.tech.