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Design taste vs. technical skills in the AI era πŸ€–, tactical patience 🧘, product release vs. launch πŸš€

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Design taste vs. technical skills in the era of AI (5 minute read)

AI is to creativity what microwaves are to cooking. As generative AI allows anyone to create virtually anything, the need for discernment becomes more critical. Despite technological advancements, creative skills remain essential for producing high-quality designs.

Big energy (8 minute read)

AI is reshaping Big Tech from a sector focused on selling computers to one centered on selling computational power, akin to the energy industry. As AI's demand for power surges, with compute requirements doubling every 100 days, this shift becomes more pronounced. This rapid increase starkly contrasts with the efficiency improvements often highlighted by proponents of AI, who claim it will either save or doom humanity.

The great flattening (7 minute read)

Apple's iPad advertisement was withdrawn after missing the intended mark of celebrating creativity. This article examines Aggregation Theory and the "Bicycle for the Mind" concept, illustrating the transformative potential and challenges of digital tools in enhancing human capabilities. It underscores the need for alignment between messaging and user expectations to effectively innovate and meet market demands.
Opinions & Tutorials

How one CPO led a company out of slow growth into a $317m acquisition (7 minute read)

This article examines how Samuel Odio, as Head of Product, strategically pivoted Fivestars from slow growth to a lucrative $317 million acquisition and details his approach to challenging foundational business assumptions through lean hypothesis testing, ultimately leading to a transformative strategy that significantly enhanced the company's value.

Tactical patience (3 minute read)

Leaders must navigate decision-making in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments, balancing the need for timely action with the necessity of gathering sufficient information. Employing tactical patience allows leaders to find the optimal moment for decision-making, avoiding both rash actions and indecisiveness, and foster transparent communication with their teams about the decision-making process.
Resources & Tools

The IC's PM guide to transformation (4 minute read)

These are 3 approaches for those feeling stifled in a β€œfeature factory” environment: 1) Guerilla Tactics, focusing on localized innovation within their immediate scope; 2) Soft Power, leveraging visible, incremental changes to influence broader organizational processes; and 3) The Long Game, aiming for long-term transformation through executive buy-in and persistent advocacy.

Product release vs. product launch – what's the difference? (12 minute read)

A product release focuses on the technical readiness and initial user feedback of a product, often in controlled environments like beta versions. In contrast, a product launch targets market engagement through strategic marketing and public relations to drive awareness and adoption.

The danger of β€œwhat's next?” (5 minute read)

This article challenges the relentless pursuit of career advancement and the constant questioning of "What's next?" Instead, it advocates for appreciating current achievements and finding joy in the present.

The manager who coaches, invests, and mentors you (1 minute read)

Appreciate the value of constructive criticism from your manager, as it constitutes genuine coaching and mentoring, even if it doesn't align with your idealized notions, as investing in your growth often manifests through feedback and guidance in everyday work interactions.
Quick Links

Elements of product design (2 minute read)

Here is a diagram that visualizes product design as a stack of decisions built on top of a stack of knowledge.

Quick wins in product are the tip of the iceberg (2 minute read)

It's crucial to take the time to analyze the implications of your actions. While speed is important, it should not supersede the need for critical thinking.

Launching features in corporate environments and legacy momentum (1 minute read)

In complex corporate environments, launching even small features requires immense effort due to systemic dysfunction, and while individuals may recognize the need for change, fixing such issues often requires leadership intervention and a deep understanding of underlying strategic, cultural, and interpersonal challenges, rather than merely implementing new processes or focusing on outputs.
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