TLDR Product Management 2024-04-16

Reflections on PM 🤔🪞, AI eating your salary 💸, humor for growth 😂

News & Trends

Google goes all in on generative AI at Google Cloud Next (4 minute read)

Google Cloud highlighted its focus on generative AI this week in Las Vegas, showcasing enhancements to the Gemini LLM for better productivity. Despite the emphasis on AI, the challenges of integrating such advanced technologies into large, less digitally sophisticated organizations were notably downplayed. It underscores the need for a strategic approach to adopting and integrating AI capabilities.

Personal reflections on product management (4 minute read)

A 13 year veteran PM shares insights drawn from his career journey, highlighting the importance of strategic career moves, skepticism towards industry influencers, and the need for genuine value creation in organizational roles. He advocates for a critical evaluation of industry norms and suggests that many companies may not yet require dedicated product functions.
Opinions & Tutorials

AI won't eat your job, but it will eat your salary (6 minute read)

AI may not directly replace jobs but could erode the skill premium associated with them, affecting workers' ability to charge higher salaries. AI augmentation will impact job bundling, skill premiums, and managerial advantages, potentially shifting the labor market dynamics.

They're looting the internet (19 minute read)

The pervasive presence of ads across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube reflects a shift from user-centered services to profit-driven content discovery, exacerbating concerns about user control and the erosion of quality on the internet. This trend underscores the broader issue of tech companies' exploitation of user-generated content for profit, prompting growing societal disillusionment with their practices and products.
Resources & Tools

Questions to ask at the end of an interview (2 minute read)

Questions to ask at the end of an interview to strengthen your candidacy.

Designing a value proposition (4 minute read)

The value proposition is often misconstrued and inconsistently defined, prompting the need for clarification. This thread offers a structured process to design a value prop.

Humor for growth: the strategy you're missing (10 minute read)

This article explores the strategic use of humor in product growth, highlighting its ability to humanize brands, enhance customer relationships, and stand out in the market. It emphasizes the importance of context-specific humor to foster both customer and employee engagement.

Naming as a tool for impact (5 minute read)

Naming can be used as a tool within personal and professional contexts to foster a sense of belonging and ownership. This article illustrates how effective naming can enhance cultural identity and motivate engagement, but also warns against the potential pitfalls of over-labeling or restricting creative freedom.
Quick Links

The master mental model for PM interviews (7 minute read)

It is important to understand the unique motivations behind each company's interview questions to excel in both job performance and interview success.

The art of not forgetting (1 minute read)

An often overlooked skill for product managers is the capacity to retain crucial details amidst the deluge of information, feedback, and ideas encountered daily.
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