TLDR Product Management 2024-04-02

From “product first” to “product last” 🥇, beauty and craftsmanship 🛠️,  authentic leadership 🎭🙅

News & Trends

Shift from “product first” to “product last” (10 minute read)

Shifting from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach in product development allows PMs to understand user needs through research before defining the product. This drives alignment with business goals through genuine customer satisfaction.

Can Demis Hassabis save Google? (15 minute read)

Despite Google DeepMind's reputation for creating outstanding AI models, insiders question its capacity to maneuver through Google's bureaucracy to transform research into successful products. Demis Hassabis, DeepMind's founder, faces the challenge of persuading Google's cautious product division to implement his innovations. For a company wary of making changes that could disturb its successful balance, this is a formidable task.

Putting data in a corner: LLMs and financial services data (8 minute read)

The success of Bloomberg, Morningstar, and Verisk in financial services has been driven by their ability to identify and analyze sprawling data sets, using technology to offer valuable insights. The emergence of large language models introduces a shift, potentially enabling new competitors to access previously hidden data and challenge these industry giants with innovative solutions.
Opinions & Tutorials

The importance of beauty and craftsmanship when building products (2 minute video)

Craftsmanship and beauty have been critical to Stripe's success. Prioritizing these elements enhanced financial returns and contributed to a more aesthetically pleasing world, highlighting the value of attention to detail and aesthetics in business.

New users need support with generative AI tools (8 minute read)

The surge in generative AI tools has captured broad interest, yet the technology is still new to many. As generative AI extends beyond developers and early adopters, integrating relevant contextual assistance during onboarding will be essential for wider adoption and understanding.
Resources & Tools

Julie Zhuo on authentic leadership (40 minute podcast)

Both intuition and logic play crucial roles in decision-making, and discerning when to rely on each is key. Transparent communication and honesty are foundational for forging solid relationships. Welcoming risks and vulnerability fosters personal development and learning opportunities.

Most important task (3 minute read)

It is crucial to distinguish between the Most Important Tasks (MITs) and grunt tasks as a product manager. PMs should focus on 2-3 MITs daily for impactful project progression, advocating for strategic task prioritization and sharing priorities during standups for better team alignment.

10 core product design principles (3 minute read)

Ten key principles for product design: simplicity, consistency, efficiency, accessibility, scalability, memorable experiences, aesthetic minimalism, sustainability, emotional engagement, and ethical considerations. These emphasize the balance between innovation and usability for positive user experiences.

13 brand activation examples from famous brands to inspire you (10 minute read)

Brand activation focuses on fueling product growth through emotional, personal connections with consumers. This article thoroughly explores brand activation, presenting 13 compelling examples to spark ideas for crafting your own strategy.
Quick Links

Spotify’s initial design: a great example of a functional wireframe (1 minute read)

The ability to create a functional wireframe is important for going from 0 to 1 for product managers.

Maximize churn feedback (1 minute read)

Customers who churn are often the most inclined to provide feedback on their dissatisfactions.

What happens with the rise of AI and generative UI? (1 minute read)

Predictions include bespoke software maximalism, artisanal software minimalism, and PM-free ideas to engineering pipelines.
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