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Acquiring 10M users in 9 months ๐Ÿš€, the problem with incentivized growth ๐Ÿ“‰, effective deep work ๐Ÿง 

News & Trends

How Gamma acquired 10 million users in 9 months (5 minute read)

Grant Lee, co-founder of Gamma, attributes the platform's rapid growth to 10 million users in 9 months to AI-powered content generation. His insights reveal the importance of building products without limitations, leveraging organic growth through creators, and maintaining a cash flow-positive approach to critical thinking.

TikTokโ€™s native app arrives for the Vision Pro (3 minute read)

TikTok introduced a native app for Apple's Vision Pro headset that offers an experience that represents a significant shift in how content will be consumed and interacted with. Other major streaming services are currently absent from the platform. TikTok's app allows users to engage with content and the community in a novel way, showcasing comments and profiles alongside videos.

Add more rigor to your reference calls with these 25 questions (8 minute read)

It is important to conduct rigorous reference checks when hiring rather than thinking of them as checking off a box. This piece provides insights from experienced leaders on crafting specific probing questions to gain a holistic understanding of a candidate's fit and potential within the organization.
Opinions & Tutorials

The analytics mistakes startups are making (7 minute read)

This article emphasizes the importance of analytics in product and business success. It identifies 10 common mistakes made during product development and offers a practical guide to navigate these challenges.

How to translate "business" impact to a product roadmap (and vice versa) (10 minute read)

This article details a four-step process for incorporating business impact into a product roadmap: understand the overarching business objectives, convert these goals into a coherent product strategy, prioritize the problems based on their potential impact, and develop and implement the solution.

The problem with incentivized growth (3 minute read)

Incentive-based user acquisition strategies like referral programs and gamification often attract lower-quality users with worse lifetime value and engagement. Natural user acquisition, driven by genuine product value, leads to more sustainable growth and better user retention.
Resources & Tools

3 lessons in writing a feature results writeup (3 minute read)

Patreon's feature results writeup template offers three critical lessons that can enhance long-term product development processes: ensure cross-functional involvement, structure documents in stages with clear ownership, and implement steps to prevent experimentation errors.

How to give feedback to your manager (3 minute video)

Most people are not as open to feedback as they claim to be, especially when there are power dynamics involved. This video advises against unsolicited feedback to managers unless they've explicitly indicated openness to it. It also provides guidance on handling situations involving an incompetent manager.

How to double conversion on your home page (3 minute read)

This step-by-step framework helps you convert website traffic by writing sticky copy that grabs attention and speaks to your customersโ€™ pain points.

How to balance keeping the lights on with innovation (4 minute read)

This article explores the challenge of balancing maintenance and innovation in product management, offering strategies to manage "keeping the lights on" tasks alongside driving value and growth.

Why growth models fail (3 minute read)

Growth models, often represented in spreadsheets, can aid in understanding business dynamics and resource allocation. However, they fail to be widely adopted due to unreliable forecasting and overcomplexity. It is important to focus on relative trade-offs rather than absolute predictions and ensure clarity in assumptions and ownership.

Winning answer โ€” why should we hire you? (5 minute read)

How to effectively answer the common interview question "Why should we hire you?" in four steps: determine your unique value proposition, form a compelling narrative, align your answer with the company's needs, and conclude with a confident closing statement.
Quick Links

Effective deep work (3 minute read)

Merely reserving calendar time isn't enough for productive deep work, especially for PMs. This article offers practical tips and a framework to help PMs integrate deep work effectively into their hectic schedules.

Product leadership theater (2 minute read)

There are two things product leaders should keep in mind: you have as much ownership as you have credibility, and part of your job as a leader is to change hearts and minds.

Adobe: the growing issue with โ€œfreeโ€ trials UX (5 minute read)

This case study examines Adobeโ€™s free trial activation process, pinpointing major issues within the onboarding experience. It delves into psychological concepts such as cognitive overload, pricing complexity, fabricated personalization, and the free trial paradox.
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