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The future of prosumer πŸš€, Β turning company OKRs into product OKRs Β πŸ“, decision-making frameworks βœ…

News & Trends

The Apple Vision Pro (8 minute read)

Reflecting on the transition from Diamond Rio to the iPod, this article explores Apple's Vision Pro's potential to revolutionize personal video consumption, drawing parallels with the iPod's past impact. Despite high expectations, the Vision Pro's current iteration falls short as a productivity tool, focusing instead on providing an exceptional entertainment experience.

The future of prosumer: the rise of "AI native" workflows (4 minute read)

This piece discusses the potential of Generative AI in revolutionizing workflows, predicting a new wave of AI-native companies. It outlines key features such as generation tools, multimodal combinations, intelligent editing, in-platform refinement, and remixable output, envisioning a future where prosumer products seamlessly integrate AI and human-generated content.
Opinions & Tutorials

How to turn company OKRs into product OKRs (3 minute read)

When teams can’t influence their Key Results because they are out of reach, they can expand their influence or shrink the out-of-reach KR into their sphere of influence. This article shares an example of the latter through a checkout team.

Owning the control point (5 minute read)

This article highlights the concept of a "control point" in tech stacks as essential for expansion. It explores three key gravities β€” Data, Workflow, and Account β€” that define control points. These are crucial for vendors aiming to broaden their product offerings in the vertical software market.

Lessons from Instagram, Airbnb, and Coinbase (8 minute read)

Sanchan Saxena (ex-Instagram, Coinbase, and Airbnb) discusses key lessons for founders, like prioritizing simplicity, decisive leadership, and unconstrained thinking, offering valuable perspectives for product managers. He also outlines four traits of exceptional PMs: customer obsession, understanding unspoken rules, balancing strategic vision with detail orientation, and imagining the best-case outcome.
Resources & Tools

How to build an activation experience (4 minute read)

It is important to ask questions to engage skeptical users. This will ensure the product resonates with the target audience, clearly articulate the problem it solves, align the solution's effort with user willingness, and guide users on how to obtain the product. These insights are crucial for enhancing user experience and engagement.

Vercel's path to product-market fit β€” from open-source project to billion-dollar business (14 minute read)

Growing up in a suburb of Buenos Aires, Guillermo Rauch was fascinated by computers and taught himself to code at a young age. He eventually founded Vercel, a billion-dollar business that provides frontend cloud services. Rauch's experience highlights the impact of open source and the potential of AI in developer workflows.

Being concise (3 minute read)

Conciseness should not compromise the complexity and completeness of an idea. It means using an economy of words to be effective, rather than simply reducing word count. On the flip side, oversimplification can lead to misunderstanding or under-informed decision-making.

5 decision-making frameworks (5 minute read)

Key frameworks for decision-making and task prioritization in product management: Dory and Pulse for inclusive team input, RAPID by Bain & Company for clear role assignment in decisions, and the Eisenhower Matrix for prioritizing tasks effectively.
Quick Links

Favorite quotes on being a PM (2 minute read)

A collection of quotes on what it means to be a PM.

Recommended sections in a PRD (2 minute read)

Five recommended sections and an emphasis on one that often gets left out: Dependency and Risks.
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