TLDR Founders 2024-02-12

The sudden repricing of startups 💰, what to do when you’re struggling 💆‍♂️, effective 1:1 strategies 🤝

Headlines & Trends

Bezos sells $2 billion worth of Amazon shares (2 minute read)

New Miami resident Jeff Bezos sold nearly 12 million Amazon shares for a total of more than $2 billion in his first stock sale since 2021. Where’s he planning to invest that money?

The Sudden Repricing of Startups in Early 2024 (2 minute read)

New public market data reveals software companies leveraging AI are achieving significantly higher trading multiples and growth projections than non-AI peers – a valuation gap likely to permeate private markets in 2023-2024.

Nvidia is now worth as much as the entire Chinese stock market (1 minute read)

Thanks to the AI boom, NVIDIA's market cap has reached $1.7 trillion, equivalent to the combined market cap of all Chinese firms listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
Strategies & Tactics

7 things to do when you’re struggling (3 minute read)

Building a startup is hard, and often you’ll feel like you’re in a bit of a rut. Here are some simple things to consider deploying in order to get yourself back in the fight.

How Gamma acquired 10 million users in 9 Months (5 minute read)

Grant Lee, the founder of Gamma, recounts scaling from 0 to 10 million users in just 9 months. In this article, he shares 8 keys to their massive growth detailing the scramble to handle hockey stick adoption while maintaining positive cash flow.

How to have an effective 1:1 (11 minute read)

Start with the question “How are you?” and simply listen to the response. You’ll be able to get a read on what’s bothering them, allowing you to bucket the response into updates, events, or disasters and then plan the rest of the time together accordingly.
Tools & Resources

PressPulse (Product)

Build press mentions through AI.

Figicon (Product)

Free pixel-perfect Figma icons.

AnimStats (Product)

Transform your stats into captivating animated GIFs.

Inside OpenAI (68 minute podcast)

Ever wondered how OpenAI is able to innovate and build at such a fast pace? In this podcast, Logan Kilpatrick, OpenAI's head of developer relations, discusses OpenAI's unique culture, the importance of high agency and urgency, and OpenAI's decision-making framework for launching products.

The State of Remote Work in 2024 (4 minute read)

Are RTO policies working? According to this report, the answer is no. Only 16% of surveyed organizations remain exclusively in office, highlighting a substantial shift towards flexible work models.

The Data Revolution in Venture Capital (10 minute read)

Over 75% of public market trades (AUM of $1T+) are now driven by data-driven algorithms, a revolution initiated by hedge funds in the 90s. Today, that data-driven approach is rapidly infiltrating venture capital, with projections indicating that over 75% of VC deal reviews will involve AI and data analytics by 2025, transforming how investments are sourced, evaluated, and managed.
Quick Links

How to think about raising venture capital for your startup (3 minute read)

Here’s a 5-part thread on how playing the long game, shaping your vision, and building leverage lets you seize control of your startup's capital strategy.

3 Mistakes Founders Make (3 minute read)

Pivots, do they pay off? Jyoti Bansal, founder of AppDynamics (sold for $3.7B) details the three biggest mistakes he made that hindered product-market fit.

How to double conversion on your home page (3 minute read)

This step-by-step framework helps you convert website traffic by writing sticky copy that grabs attention.
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