TLDR 2024-06-17

OpenAI may turn for-profit πŸ’°, SpaceX to try Starship catch πŸš€, YouTube fights ad block πŸ›‘οΈ

How to optimize your hydration for peak productivity (Sponsor)

Big Tech & Startups

YouTube looks to be testing server-side ad injection to counter ad blockers (1 minute read)

Sam Altman says OpenAI could become a for-profit meaning it could eventually IPO (2 minute read)

Science & Futuristic Technology

β€˜Son of Concorde' company's superfactory will produce 33 supersonic aircraft a year (3 minute read)

SpaceX's Fifth Starship Test Flight Timeline Revealed By Musk (3 minute read)

Programming, Design & Data Science

Why does every website need your name and email? (Sponsor)

GPT-2 From Scratch in MLX (GitHub Repo)

NVIDIA Warp (GitHub Repo)


Apple announced RCS with a whimper when it should have been a bang (3 minute read)

The Big Loser in Tesla's Shareholder Vote Is Delaware (5 minute read)

Quick Links

We're about to learn a whole lot more about how the human body reacts to space (6 minute read)

Senior Engineer Fatigue (5 minute read)

πŸ’‘ Become an everyday genius with bite-sized, interactive lessons on your smartphone (Sponsor)

Sleep deprivation disrupts memory: here's why (5 minute read)

AI Search: The Bitter-er Lesson (10 minute read)

OpenAI adds former NSA chief to its board (2 minute read)

Google, Cloudflare, & Cisco Will Poison DNS to Stop Piracy Block Circumvention (4 minute read)

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