TLDR 2024-02-07

Adam Neumann's WeWork bid 🏢,  WhatsApp cross-app messaging 💬, fastest growing dev populations 📈

The Engineering Leader's Guide to Goals and Reporting (Sponsor)

Big Tech & Startups

Adam Neumann is trying to buy back WeWork (2 minute read)

WhatsApp is working on secure cross-app messaging to connect users across platforms (3 minute read)

Science & Futuristic Technology

Bluesky is ready to open up (4 minute read)

It's Confirmed! Laser Fusion Experiment Hit a Critical Milestone in Power Generation (4 minute read)

Programming, Design & Data Science

Mojo CSS (Website)

The fastest-growing countries for software development, according to GitHub (6 minute read)


The Apple Vision Pro (28 minute read)

GFiber looking for external investment to expand to more cities (1 minute read)

Quick Links

Too much of a good thing: the trade-off we make with tests (6 minute read)

Amazon cuts hundreds of jobs in Pharmacy, One Medical units: Read the memo (5 minute read)

Why We Can't Have Nice Software (13 minute read)

BuildKit in depth: Docker's build engine explained (12 minute read)

Midjourney hires ex-Apple Vision Pro engineer for hardware push (1 minute read)

On Spatial Computing, Metaverse, the Terms Left Behind and Ideas Renewed (35 minute read)

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