TLDR 2024-01-04

Apple Vision Pro Safari 🌎, open source mobile robots 🤖, predictions for 2024

Big Tech & Startups

Leaked Video Shows Browsing Safari in Apple Vision Pro Is Super Smooth (2 minute read)

The latest rumors suggest that the Apple Vision Pro is launching by the end of February. Recently leaked videos show how much multitasking users can expect to accomplish with Apple's Safari web browser inside of visionOS. Safari on the Apple Vision Pro lets users place multiple windows and tabs in 3D space inside of the headset, creating a fully customizable work experience. The leaked videos are available in the article.

Meta's CTO calls its AR glasses prototype "the most advanced thing we've ever produced as a species" (3 minute read)

Meta plans to possibly unveil an AR glasses prototype in 2024 that it claims is the most advanced piece of technology on the planet in its domain. The device is still prohibitively expensive to manufacture and there is still a lot of work to be done to reduce the price and form factor. Meta may be working on a version of the Ray-Ban Meta smartglasses with a small viewfinder display. AI breakthroughs and the integration of AI into the current Ray-Ban Meta smartglasses have significantly affected Meta's product roadmap.
Science & Futuristic Technology

The two Chinese labs working on replicating LK-99 appear to have found a room-temperature superconductor (1 minute read)

Chinese labs working on replicating LK-99 findings have discovered a superconductor that works at -23 C. While it is not exactly a room-temperature conductor, it is still a significant discovery. Similar materials have been discovered previously, but they require high pressure to exhibit their superconducting properties. The labs' results have already been replicated.

Mobile ALOHA (1 minute read)

Mobile ALOHA is a system for imitating mobile manipulation tasks that are bimanual and require whole-body control. It is able to autonomously complete complex mobile manipulation tasks such as cooking, opening doors, and much more. This thread contains a video showing a robot with Mobile ALOHA cooking a Cantonese recipe. Mobile ALOHA is low-cost and open-source.
Programming, Design & Data Science

SIEVE is simpler than LRU (8 minute read)

Caching involves storing temporary data for quick access. Eviction algorithms determine what data to keep and what to discard. SIEVE is a simple and effective cache eviction algorithm with just one queue. It can also serve as a cache primitive for designing more advanced eviction policies. SIEVE is not scan-resistant, so it can sometimes show a higher miss ratio than other tools.

What Will Happen In 2024 (6 minute read)

A lot of innovation will be happening in 2024. AI and web3 are creating a more intelligent, resilient, and decentralized internet and new energy technologies will power our lives in new and sustainable ways. This article looks at the technologies that will be developed this year and opportunities for the teams building these new technologies. 2024 will be a terrific year for tech.

The protocol force (3 minute read)

The protocol force encourages the layer between consumers of value and producers of value to be as thin as possible. IP, HTTP, and HTML are great examples of this effect. The protocol force minimizes the cost of reaching as many consumers or producers as possible. This force is present in any layered stack that has producers and consumers as outer layers. One of the key challenges of designing versatile tools is that this middle layer is constantly tested and often broken.
Quick Links

Full return to office isn't the only work model dying. So is fully remote (6 minute read)

Most business leaders are confident with a hybrid work strategy.

Samsung sets Galaxy S24 launch for Jan. 17; here’s what to expect (2 minute read)

The Samsung Galaxy S24 will have a new design with flat metal sides and some models will feature a titanium body.

Researchers develop first-ever functional graphene semiconductor (5 minute read)

The tech could be used to advance quantum computing and is a potential replacement for silicon.

Why Are Tech Reporters Sleeping On The Biggest App Store Story? (25 minute read)

App stores opening up to competing browsers will enable competitors to replace app stores with directories of Progressive Web Apps.

QuantumScape’s solid-state batteries pass latest test (5 minute read)

The endurance test determined that the batteries will be able to power electric vehicles that can drive 500,000 kilometers with virtually no loss of range.

13-Year-Old Becomes First Person to Beat Tetris on NES (3 minute read)

Blue Skuti is the first human to ever force Tetris into a kill screen on the NES classic.
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