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Nvidia's AI game demo 🎮, robot butler startup 🤖, building useful AI products 🧠

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Big Tech & Startups

Watch this Nvidia demo and imagine actually speaking to AI game characters (2 minute read)

Nvidia demoed a new generative AI technology at Computex 2023 that allows people to talk to game characters with their own voice. The Nvidia Avatar Cloud Engine used to create the feature will run both locally and in the cloud. It will include tools for deploying large language models, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and other bits. A video demonstrating the technology is available in the article.

The future of TikTok bans (5 minute read)

Montana's new TikTok ban will see app stores fined $10,000 per day if they make TikTok available to users in Montana after January 1. TikTok has filed a lawsuit against Montana citing Constitutional grounds. Proposed TikTok bans are cropping up all over the US and there is the possibility of a national ban. Current laws look to cut off access to the app at the point of download, so people will likely still be able to keep what's already on their phones. It will be difficult to enforce these new laws.
Science & Futuristic Technology

An OpenAI alum is building a robot butler for your home (5 minute read)

Prosper Robotics, a startup founded by a former OpenAI employee, is building a household robot that will be able to load and empty the dishwasher, do laundry, clean surfaces and floors, and prepare simple meals. It will run on wheels and have two arms that can be raised up and down. The robot will come with a box of 50-100 tools to help it complete tasks. Prosper plans to sell its robot butler for between £5,000-£10,000. A video of the robot cleaning a kitchen is available in the article.

Japan will try to beam solar power from space by 2025 (1 minute read)

A Japanese public-private partnership will attempt to beam solar energy from space as early as 2025. The project involves deploying a series of small satellites in orbit and beaming the solar energy the arrays collect to ground-based receiving stations hundreds of miles away. Space solar panels can collect energy 24/7 and clouds will no longer be a concern. Several countries are pursuing the idea. The technology is still very expensive.
Programming, Design & Data Science

SmolCSS (Website)

SmolCSS allows developers to create intrinsically responsive layouts. Components include responsive CSS grids, modern centering, stack layout, scroll snap, transitions, and more. This page contains embedded examples for all of the components.

Email addresses are not primary user identities (6 minute read)

Software isn't built to handle changing email addresses. The process for keeping an account but changing email addresses can be complicated for many services. Systems that decouple identity from attributes and login methods are able to create a better user experience for updating attributes like email addresses. It makes it easier to migrate domains and have multiple login methods. Systems should stop assuming that names and email addresses don't change.

Data things. CS things. Know all the things with Brilliant (Sponsor)

Whatever skills you need to tackle that technical thing you’re working on—Brilliant can help. They have thousands of bite-size, interactive lessons in math, data science, and CS for boosting your analytical skills and mastering concepts you can put to work. Try it free for 30 days.

Winning the AI Products Arms Race (23 minute read)

This article discusses how to create an AI product that people will actually use. It covers why so many AI products fail, where lucrative opportunities live, how to overcome the disadvantages of AI, and how to build AI products people want. AI alone can't disrupt a business. Early adoption is critical. Finding product market fit for AI products requires assessment.

Four layers (10 minute read)

Every new technology tends to grow four layers: capabilities, interfaces, frameworks, and applications. As technologies grow through these stages, they become more accessible to wider audiences. Understanding how these four layers emerge can help in growing a durable and successful business. This article looks at the four layers to help readers learn how to cultivate technologies faster. It provides a strategy for teams developing nascent technologies to make the rhythm of the pattern work for them.
Quick Links

Clever Code Considered Harmful (7 minute read)

Production-ready code should be easy to understand rather than clever.

All the Nvidia news announced by Jensen Huang at Computex (3 minute read)

Nvidia co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang announced super ship releases, partnerships with major companies, Nvidia's plans to bring generative AI to every data center, and more during his first public speech in almost four years.

New molecule chops up RNA of "undruggable" common cancer-causing gene (2 minute read)

The new molecule effectively cleared cancer caused by the MYC gene in mice.

Chinese apps remain hugely popular in the U.S. despite efforts to ban TikTok (10 minute read)

Several China-based apps, such as Temu, CapCut, and Lemon8 are still booming in the US despite concerns over a law that gives the Chinese government power to access business information for national security purposes.

Ask HN: Tired of being a software engineer, what next? (Hacker News Thread)

A Hacker News user asks for advice on what to do next after reaching the pinnacle of their career and being sorely disappointed.
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