TLDR 2023-03-22

Bing's DALL-E integration 🖼️, injectable brain implants 🧠, Bill Gates on AI 🤖

Big Tech & Startups

Microsoft brings OpenAI’s DALL-E image creator to the new Bing (2 minute read)

Microsoft's latest Bing update will include a feature that enables users to generate images. The Bing Image Creator uses DALL-E, OpenAI’s generative image generator. The new feature is being rolled out on Bing's Creative Mode and will soon come to other modes. It will eventually be available in the Edge sidebar. Microsoft is also releasing two more search features, Visual Stories and Knowledge Cards 2.0.

Google opens early access to its ChatGPT rival Bard — here are our first impressions (5 minute read)

Google has launched a preview of Bard, its AI language model. Bard will be slowly rolled out to select users in the US and UK. A waitlist is available. Bard is not a replacement for Google’s search engine, but it works as a complement to it. Bard's full access release date is still unknown. This article compares Bard to its rivals, ChatGPT and Bing. Screenshots of Bard are available.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Here’s how NASA plans to replace the International Space Station—by becoming a private company’s tenant (4 minute read)

NASA is planning to retire the International Space Station (ISS) in 2030 and rent space on one or more privately built stations. The transition is part of NASA's effort to shift to a job-to-be-done approach, where contractors are given a task rather than a specific vehicle or system to produce. NASA's first commercial-station contract was awarded to Axiom Space in 2020. NASA plans to award a second round of contracts leading to the purchase of station services from up to two companies.

The Quest for Injectable Brain Implants Has Begun (5 minute read)

While brain implants have the potential to significantly improve patients' lives, the brain and metal do not work well together. Electrodes can cause injury and scar tissue, which in turn makes devices less effective. To avoid this problem, a team of scientists has designed a gel that can be injected into tissues and solidifies into an electrically conductive polymer. This polymer electrode is harmless and can be moved just as easily as the brain tissue around it. The gel could enable flexible electronic neural implants in the future.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Typst (GitHub Repo)

Typst is a typesetting system designed to be as powerful as LaTeX and easier to use. It comes with built-in markup for common formatting tasks and flexible functions for everything else, as well as a tightly integrated scripting system. Typst supports math typesetting, bibliography management, and incremental compilation for fast compile times. It provides friendly error messages if something goes wrong. Examples are available in the repository.

Cfnctl (GitHub Repo)

Cfnctl is a tool that simplifies the process of managing stacks in AWS CloudFormation. It uses the Terraform CLI workflow to provide a familiar interface for creating CloudFormation templates. Cfnctl is still under development and some features are missing, such as support for canceling stacks and uploading large templates to S3.

The Age of AI has begun (16 minute read)

According to Bill Gates, GPT may be the most significant technological innovation since the graphical user interface. In this article, Gates discusses the potential for AI to make the world a more equitable place in the next five to ten years. He explores the potential of AI to reduce some of the world's worst inequities through areas where he believes AI will have the most impact. AI could empower people in the workplace, improve educational outcomes, and save lives.

America’s banks are missing hundreds of billions of dollars (6 minute read)

Depositors of failed bank Silicon Valley Bank did not want physical currency but instead requested their balances be wired elsewhere. Regulators promised to protect the clients of the failed bank, so no deposits were written off. Deposits in American banks are decreasing, with a 3% fall in commercial banks' deposits over the last year. This reduction in deposits leads to fragile financial systems and requires banks to shrink to repay their deposits. The Federal Reserve's reverse-repo facility, introduced in 2013, is having a profoundly destabilizing impact on banks.
Quick Links

Adobe launches Firefly generative A.I. that lets you type to edit images (2 minute read)

Firefly will first launch as a private beta and focus on the creation of images and text effects.

How TikTok broke social media (8 minute read)

While TikTok's fate is still being determined, the app has changed social media for good in a way that will make life much harder for incumbent social apps.

How to start a React Project in 2023 (7 minute read)

This article contains a brief overview of starter kits for new React projects.

So you've installed `fzf`. Now what? (3 minute read)

fzf is one of those tools that can immediately benefit any software engineer's professional life.

For AI's 'iPhone moment' in ChatGPT, Nvidia unveils a large language model chip (3 minute read)

The NVIDIA H100 NVL for Large Language Model Deployment, which has 94GB of memory, is designed for inference tasks used by Large Language Models.

Society's Technical Debt and Software's Gutenberg Moment (18 minute read)

Large Language Models are set to release a wave of innovation as they lower the costs of software production.

Brightwell - .NET Developer (Fully Remote, $109,994 - $150,000)

Brightwell is hiring a .NET Developer to play a key role in building new products for a full-service payments company that provides thoughtful solutions and technology for sending money around the world.

Sourcegraph - Head of AI (Fully Remote, $235,830+)

Sourcegraph is hiring a Head of AI to help deliver the world’s best coding assistant and ML-powered developer tooling for a powerful code search platform.

Newsday - Data Solutions Journalist (Melville, New York, $80,000 - $90,000)

Newsday is hiring a Data Solutions Journalist to make data relatable to individuals’ lives through data visualizations, newsletter features, website, and social media posts for the leading news source for Long Island & NYC.
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