TLDR 2023-03-21

Microsoft app store 📱, text-to-video AI 🤖, defending the Internet Archive 📚

Big Tech & Startups

Microsoft plans mobile games app store to rival Apple and Google (3 minute read)

Microsoft is preparing to launch a games app store for iPhones and Androids next year if its acquisition of Activision Blizzard is approved. The EU's Digital Markets Act is expected to enforce new rules requiring that Apple and Google enable other companies' app stores from March 2024. Microsoft is still wrangling with regulators in the US, Europe, and the UK over anti-competition concerns. The company could easily tweak its Xbox and Game Pass apps to sell mobile games and subscriptions.

Netflix is 'underway' on cloud gaming work, aims to bring games to 'any Netflix device you have' (2 minute read)

Netflix has confirmed that it is working on creating its own cloud gaming platform. The gaming service will be available across multiple devices. There is currently no information about when the platform will be launched. Netflix is also focused on expanding its library of games for Android and iOS devices in addition to its cloud gaming efforts.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Hydrogen-powered planes take off with startup’s test flight (3 minute read)

ZeroAvia, a startup that designs hydrogen-electric systems for aircraft, recently completed a low-carbon aviation test flight of a 19-seat airplane. During the 10-minute flight, the left engines were powered by hydrogen fuel cells and batteries, while the right engines used kerosene. ZeroAvia has received over $140 million in funding and has over 1500 pre-orders from clients for their hydrogen fuel-cell systems. The company is on track for a commercial launch in 2025.

Text-to-video AI inches closer as startup Runway announces new model (2 minute read)

AI startup Runway has announced Gen-2 of its AI video generation model. Runway's AI video editing model is specialized in tools such as background removal and pose detection. Gen-2 can generate a video from scratch in various styles using a typed description. While the demonstration clips disclosed by the company are unstable, short, and not photorealistic, they showcase the tech's progress towards the ultimate goal of AI-generated video. Examples of videos generated by Runway Gen-2 are available in the article.
Programming, Design & Data Science

All commands (Website)

This site contains a large collection of command-line commands. There are over 14,000 commands and users are able to contribute more. Each entry on the site contains an example of how to use the command.

Prompt Engineering (18 minute read)

Prompt engineering, or In-Context Prompting, is a method of influencing the behavior of Large Language Models (LLMs) without updating the model weights. The method varies among models, requiring a lot of experimentation and heuristics. This article discusses prompt engineering with a focus on autoregressive language models. Some prompt engineering papers could be shorter, and an easy-to-use and shared benchmark infrastructure would be beneficial to the community.

OpenAI: ChatGPT Could Disrupt 19% of US Jobs, Is Yours on the List? (3 minute read)

According to a new study by OpenAI, chat technologies like ChatGPT and future software built with the program could have a significant impact on jobs. The technology could potentially affect 50% of the tasks necessary for around 19% of current jobs in the US. Its impact may be seen in sectors such as interpreting and translating, writing and editing, mathematics, tax preparation, and accounting. Even for workers whose jobs are not directly affected, the technology could still alter at least 10% of their work tasks. Industries that rely on manual labor, such as food manufacturing and social assistance, are least likely to be impacted.

Let's think about slowing down AI (44 minute read)

This article explores the question of whether efforts to slow down the progress of artificial intelligence (AI) research should be implemented. More thought should be given to the possibility that this may be necessary. The article looks at arguments for and against slowing down AI development and considers the consequences of continuing to accelerate progress in the field. It raises questions about the trajectory of AI research and the responsibility we have to consider its potential impact on society.
Quick Links

Deciding to leave your (executive) job. (14 minute read)

Leaving an executive role can have significant impacts on the team, the company, and future prospects - this guide walks readers through the transition process.

The Internet Archive is defending its digital library in court today (6 minute read)

A New York federal court will consider whether the Open Library violated copyright law by letting users check out digitized copies of physical books.

The End of Front-End Development (12 minute read)

AI will change the web dev industry, but web dev jobs aren't going anywhere.

That Plum Job Listing May Just Be a Ghost (7 minute read)

Companies are posting ads for jobs they might not be actually trying to fill.

Amazon to lay off 9,000 more workers in addition to earlier cuts (4 minute read)

The decision was made as the company looks to streamline costs and deal with the uncertainty that exists in the near future.

Investors in venture funds reveal how they felt VCs handled the Silicon Valley Bank fallout (6 minute read)

Some investors are privately frustrated at how venture capitals handled the crisis at SVB.

Sourcegraph - Applied ML Scientist (Fully Remote, $190,000+)

Sourcegraph is hiring an Applied ML Scientist to help deliver the world’s best coding assistant for a web-based code search and navigation tool for dev teams.

Exiap - Freelance Web Developer with PHP and Typescript Knowledge (Fully Remote, $21,000 - $105,000)

Exiap is hiring a Freelance Web Developer with PHP and Typescript Knowledge to work on a variety of projects, including three websites built on PHP and three WordPress sites, for a company that makes finding the best money transfer exchange rates simple.

Brightwell - Mobile Developer (Fully Remote, $120,000 - $160,000)

Brightwell is hiring a Mobile Developer to collaborate with designers, developers, and product managers to develop mobile apps for a full-service payments company that provides thoughtful solutions and technology for sending money around the world.
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