TLDR 2023-03-20

Inside Microsoft Copilot 🤖, Raspberry Pi brain interface 🧠, software engineer salary trends 👨‍💻

Big Tech & Startups

Inside Elon Musk’s cost-cutting drive at Twitter (7 minute read)

This article contains a behind-the-scenes look at Elon Musk's attempts to bring Twitter's finances under control through interviews with current and former Twitter employees as well as people aware of Musk's thinking, his public statements on Twitter, and messages to investors. Recent layoffs at Twitter affected over 200 employees. The company had already laid off half of its workforce following Musk's acquisition in October. The layoffs have made the company leaner but more unstable, with large portions of its business development and product teams wiped out.

Microsoft’s new Copilot will change Office documents forever (8 minute read)

Microsoft’s Copilot is more than just a useful AI chatbot on the sidebar. It can offer suggestions for rewriting paragraphs, generate entire documents, and command Office apps like Excel and PowerPoint. In Excel, users can ask for Copilot's help to generate PivotTables, create graphs, or understand rows and columns of data. Copilot's integration into Microsoft’s products could change how people work and communicate and may have a lasting effect on the job market.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Researchers have created tiny, ‘fairy-like’ robots that could replace dying bumblebees: ‘Superior to its natural counterparts’ (2 minute read)

Finnish researchers have developed incredibly light, small robots that can fly. The Tinkerbell robots are porous and made of stimuli-responsive polymers. They weigh only 1.2 milligrams and can be controlled using light inputs. The robots are cost-effective and could provide a practical solution to help maintain crop populations globally. They could potentially be used to pollinate crops across the world.

This Affordable Device Will Let Anyone Connect Their Brain to a Computer (2 minute read)

The PiEEG is an affordable and easy-to-maintain electroencephalogram device that can be added to a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 model board. It is capable of measuring brain electrical activity. The PiEEG can be used for a variety of projects such as controlling robots or mechanical limbs, sleep control, meditation control, and lie detection. It costs between $250 and $350, making it cheaper than some other similar devices.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Template (GitHub Repo)

Template is a lightweight JavaScript tool for building interactive web applications. It is a single class that provides a simple and efficient way to manage HTML templates. Template's primary focus is on using web-native patterns.

Eight Graphs That Explain Software Engineering Salaries in 2023 (2 minute read)

This article contains eight graphs showcasing data collected from job search firms Dice and Hired. These companies collect data about salaries, skills, and the overall job market for tech professionals every year. The graphs look at tech salaries, the best-paying jobs, what skills developers should focus on, and more.

Navigating the unpredictability of everything (13 minute read)

Predicting the future is notoriously difficult, but this does not mean that strategic planning is senseless. It just means that better prediction techniques are required. This article assesses different approaches to market prediction to determine which ones are effective. It provides a structure for making informed decisions in a highly unpredictable world.

Could you train a ChatGPT-beating model for $85,000 and run it in a browser? (6 minute read)

It is now possible to train a large language model similar to GPT-3 for less than $85,000. It may soon be possible to run a language model entirely in a browser. LLaMA by Meta research offers a GPT-3 class model that is replicable by other teams. The smallest model, LLaMA-7B, was trained for 82,432 hours on A100-80GB GPUs at a cost of around $1 an hour. Fine-tuning the model can cost less than $100.
Quick Links

pandera (GitHub Repo)

pandera is a data validation library that provides an API for performing data validation on dataframe-like objects.

Musk says Twitter will make tweet recommendation algorithm code open source on March 31 (2 minute read)

Elon Musk expects that open sourcing the code will result in the discovery of many issues that Twitter will patch as soon as they're found.

Ask HN: What has your personal website/blog done for you? (Hacker News Thread)

This Hacker News thread contains many anecdotes from developers who have started blogs and discusses the opportunities that those blogs have created.

Google nixes paying out remainder of maternity and medical leave for laid-off employees (6 minute read)

More than 100 former Google workers are asking executives to pay them for leave that was approved before job cuts were announced in January.

Microsoft is testing a built-in cryptocurrency wallet for the Edge browser (2 minute read)

Screenshots pulled from a beta build of Microsoft Edge (available in the article) show a built-in cryptocurrency wallet in the browser.

A $500 million term sheet in 12 hours: how Rippling struck a deal as SVB was melting down (8 minute read)

Rippling secured $500 million in funding to insure against the likely scenario that Silicon Valley Bank's meltdown wasn't resolved quickly.

Sourcegraph - Product Manager - Product Manager - Search/AI (Fully Remote, $185,000+)

Sourcegraph is hiring a Product Manager to help launch the world’s best coding assistant for a company with rich code intelligence data and a powerful code search platform.

CMSGov - Data Scientist (Fully Remote)

CMSGov is hiring a Data Scientist to collect, organize, analyze, and interpret unique and highly specialized data sets for an agency that aims to advance health equity, expand coverage, and improve health outcomes.

bex technologies - Software Engineer (Fully Remote, $60 - $80)

bex technologies is hiring a Software Engineer to build scalable products for a digital logistics platform in the construction industry.
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