TLDR 2023-03-06

Apple's M3 iMacs 🖥️, Meta's AI model leaks 🤖, starting over outside tech 👨‍💻

Big Tech & Startups

Apple will reportedly launch an M3-equipped iMac later this year (2 minute read)

Apple is preparing to launch a new iMac with a 24-inch display and a more powerful M3 chip later this year. The iMac is currently in its advanced stages of development and undergoing production tests. It is not expected to be in mass production for at least three months, The iMac's internal components might be revamped while the mounting process for the stand could also see changes. Apple is also preparing to launch a new 15-inch MacBook Air, an upgraded 13-inch MacBook Air, and a Mac Pro with an M2 Ultra chip.

Amazon pauses construction of second headquarters in Virginia (2 minute read)

Amazon has postponed the development of the second phase of its HQ2 in Virginia, as the company seeks to reduce expenses. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has recently made moves to curtail expenses, including cutting around 18,000 jobs, and the company is now reevaluating its property portfolio and ending some projects. The first part of the northern Virginia campus remains slated to open in June 2023. Amazon has confirmed that pre-construction activities on other parts of HQ2 will start later in the year.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Researchers Use AI to Generate Images Based on People's Brain Activity (3 minute read)

Researchers have succeeded in reconstructing high-resolution and accurate images from brain activity using the Stable Diffusion image generation model. The images were produced without fine-tuning the AI model. The researchers decoded text representations from fMRI signals within the visual cortex, which led to the production of an image. The study is the first to interpret Stable Diffusion from a biological standpoint.

Scientists invent biomaterial that can heal tissue from the inside out (2 minute read)

Scientists at the University of California San Diego have developed a new biomaterial that could potentially aid in repairing tissue damage caused by heart attacks and other ailments. The new material can reduce inflammation and repair cells in instances of traumatic brain injury and pulmonary arterial hypertension, as well as tissue damage caused by heart attacks. Unlike other treatments, the biomaterial can be administered via intravenous injection immediately after a heart attack and can distribute evenly throughout an affected area, allowing for more efficient repair. Human safety and efficacy studies are expected to begin within two years.
Programming, Design & Data Science

llama-dl (GitHub Repo)

This repository provides a high-speed download of Facebook's 65 billion parameter model, LLaMA. LLAMA is being distributed openly by Facebook via torrents. This repository offers a faster download at roughly 3.6 times the speed of the torrent. The download size for LLAMA is 219 gb (235164838073 bytes).

0beqz/realism-effects (GitHub Repo)

This repository is a compilation of various effects for three.js that includes SSGI, Motion Blur, and TRAA. It also contains SSR and SSDGI for reflections and diffuse lighting from SSGI. A set of demos and resources are available.

The inside story of how ChatGPT was built from the people who made it (9 minute read)

OpenAI released ChatGPT without expecting it to become a viral hit. However, it became the most popular internet app ever, and OpenAI has been scrambling to catch up and capitalize on its success. This article contains an inside look at the chatbot from the perspective of four individuals who helped build it. OpenAI is still bewildered by ChatGPT's success but has used the opportunity to improve its technology by monitoring how millions of people use it and fixing issues as they arise.

Leaked audio shows Google Cloud CEO give a fiery rallying cry and call out demeaning competitors in AI: 'The game is never done in the first minute' (6 minute read)

Google Cloud's CEO, Thomas Kurian, has given a fiery call to arms to employees. Kurian vowed to build the best capability in artificial intelligence and urged all staff to remain committed to the cause, despite repeated criticisms from competitors. He said that the AI race is still in its early stages and this could be a historic moment in tech. Kurian urged for more teamwork, asking employees to step forward, work effectively as a team, and make Google successful against its customers.


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First look at Google Chrome’s Blink engine running on an iPhone (3 minute read)

Google is bringing Chrome's full blink browser engine to iOS against current App Store rules.

Ask HN: Has anyone started over outside of tech? (Hacker News Thread)

This Hacker News thread looks at developers who have moved onto something totally unrelated to sitting in front of a computer.

Bondy Group - Senior DevOps (Fully Remote, $48,000 - $72,000)

Bondy Group is a third-party recruiter hiring for a Senior DevOps to join a tech team.

Sticker Mule - Software engineer (C++) (Fully Remote, $135,000 - $150,000)

Sticker Mule is hiring a Software engineer (C++) to be part of the Internet’s best printing company.

Sticker Mule - Software engineer (Backend) (Fully Remote, $135,000 - $150,000)

Sticker Mule is hiring a Software engineer (Backend) for the Internet’s best printing company.

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Thryve is a third-party recruiter hiring for a Senior React Native Engineer to design, architect, develop, test, debug, document, deploy, maintain, and improve React Native apps for a technology team.
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