TLDR 2023-02-06

ChatGPT Bing leaks 🤖, iPhone Ultra rumors 📱, CSS adds HD colors 🎨

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Big Tech & Startups

Is this Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered Bing? (2 minute read)

Microsoft is leveraging the success of ChatGPT by integrating the AI chatbot into its search engine Bing. A version of the AI-assisted search engine was briefly visible to several users. It is reportedly able to cite its sources. Microsoft is expected to make an announcement regarding the new Bing in the coming weeks. Screenshots of the AI-powered Bing are available in the article.

Apple may add ultra high-end iPhone model in 2024, even more expensive than current Pro Max (2 minute read)

Apple is reportedly exploring options to raise the cost of their premium iPhones. The company is considering introducing an 'Ultra' model above the Pro Max that could be released as soon as 2024. It is unclear what features a potential Ultra model might have, though a larger screen and more advanced camera and chip designs are possible. The Ultra's base price will start higher than the $1099 of the Max.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Human-rat brain hybrid shows a way to cure blindness (3 minute read)

Research has demonstrated that human-derived mini brains can integrate with damaged rat brains and perform functions related to sight. The visual cortex can be damaged by injury or disease, resulting in loss of sight. Scientists have speculated that grafting brain organoids constructed from lab-grown cells onto a damaged visual cortex could restore vision. Previous studies have established that baby rat brains can accept and incorporate grafts from human mini brains. While the new research shows that the human-derived mini brain grafts can respond to stimulation in rats, there is a chance that humans would respond to the procedure in a completely different way.

Hormone shots could be used as treatment for low sex drive (2 minute read)

Injections of a hormone called kisspeptin may be beneficial to those with a low sex drive. Clinical trials found that the hormone can stimulate sexual responses. Kisspeptin is a natural hormone that stimulates the release of other reproductive hormones in the body. The results of the clinical trials suggest that kisspeptin could be developed as a treatment for hypoactive sexual desire disorder due to its promising effects and no reported side effects.
Programming, Design & Data Science

High Definition CSS Color Guide (26 minute read)

CSS Color 4 features more colors, manipulation functions, and better gradients. CSS now supports high definition displays and can specify colors from HD gamuts while also offering color spaces with specializations. There are now 50% more colors to pick from in supported browsers. This guide explains how to take advantage of the new color features.

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DocsGPT (GitHub Repo)

DocsGPT streamlines the process of finding information in project documentation. It integrates GPT models so that developers can ask questions about projects and receive accurate answers. DocsGPT can help developers quickly find the information they need, revolutionizing the project documentation experience.

John Carmack's 'Different Path' to Artificial General Intelligence (22 minute read)

John Carmack is attempting to create artificial general intelligence (AGI). AGI enables machines to comprehend, learn and carry out any intellectual task that humans are capable of. Carmack's startup, Keen Technologies, has raised $20 million in funding from investors. This article features a transcript of an interview with Carmack where he discusses his approach to solving AGI, his previous work with Meta, the importance of AGI, and more.

Why take a bigger role for no bump in pay (4 minute read)

Tech lead is a role that doesn't come with extra pay. It provides the chance to solve larger, more complex problems. Being present and involved in key conversations, coordinating with multiple teams, and taking on bigger initiatives makes the tech lead more visible to leadership. While there is no extra pay, being a tech lead provides career capital that can be leveraged later.
Quick Links

Google works on iOS browser with its own Blink engine, contrary to Apple's rules (4 minute read)

Google's project would not be allowed on iOS under its App Store rules, which state that browsers on iOS must use WebKit.

Awesome Package Maintainer (GitHub Repo)

A guide on how to become a package maintainer.

Electric truck maker Rivian confirms it is developing an electric bike (2 minute read)

Rivian's CEO confirmed that the company is developing an electric bicycle during a staff meeting on Friday.

All Programming Philosophies Are About State (2 minute read)

Every programming philosophy is about how to manage state and each philosophy comes with trade-offs.

Leaked emails show Amazon will only hire students and recent graduates for entry level software engineering positions (6 minute read)

Amazon is going after a potentially more affordable talent pool in an effort to overhaul its workforce by limiting entry level software engineering positions to current or newly graduated students.

Google invested $300 million in AI firm founded by former OpenAI researchers (2 minute read)

Google invested around $300 million in Anthropic, a little-known startup that is developing its own general-purpose chatbot named Claude.
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