TLDR 2023-01-11

Microsoft plans $10B OpenAI investment 💰, CRISPR meat 🥩, subjects for 1-on-1s 👨‍💼

Big Tech & Startups

Buy with Prime, which brings Prime to third-party sites, officially launches in US on Jan. 31 (2 minute read)

Amazon is expanding its Buy with Prime service to all US-based merchants by the end of the month. Buy with Prime allows third-party merchants to offer Prime benefits like free shipping and returns on their own apps. It was previously only available to merchants using Fulfillment by Amazon to handle shipping and logistics. Amazon claims that Buy with Prime has increased shopper conversion by an average of 25%.

Microsoft reportedly plans to invest $10 billion in creator of buzzy A.I. tool ChatGPT (3 minute read)

Microsoft plans to invest $10 billion in OpenAI as part of a funding round with other investors. It isn't clear whether the deal, which would value OpenAI at $29 billion, has been finalized. Microsoft will get a 75% share of OpenAI's profits until it recuperates its investment, after which it will assume a 49% stake in OpenAI.
Science & Futuristic Technology

The first CRISPR gene-edited meat is coming—and this is the CEO making sci-fi a reality (6 minute read)

SciFi Foods is a cultivated meat startup based in San Leandro. Its CEO, Joshua March, raised a $22 million Series A last summer that brought SciFi's valuation to roughly $100 million. SciFi uses CRISPR to make scalable beef cell lines. It aims to eventually reach $1 per burger at a commercial scale. The company plans to soon begin building its pilot plant.

Monitoring Space Weather From the Ground (4 minute read)

Determining the weather in space is important to the success of the global space industry. Current space weather monitoring systems are expensive and out of reach for many researchers. Scientists from Japan are developing a low-cost system to measure and observe space weather entirely from the ground using magneto-impedance sensors that can detect small geomagnetic field variations of about 0.1 nanotesla. The sensors need to be located in rural areas away from all electrical interference.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Theory-building and why employee churn is lethal to software companies (6 minute read)

Software is a theory about a particular solution to a problem. Teams developing software develop the theory of it while controlling all modifications. A program dies when the team possessing its theory dissolves. Programs can revive if a new team rebuilds its theory.

Pirate Weather (Website)

Pirate Weather is a free weather forecast API. It aims to return data using the same JSON structure that Dark Sky uses. Pirate Weather uses public data for its forecasts. It can provide forecast data for current conditions, minutely data for one hour, hourly data for up to 168 hours, and daily data for 7 days for anywhere in the world.

Where Managers and Employees Disagree About Remote Work (3 minute read)

Remote work is being held back by a major disconnect between managers and employees. Managers believe that work-from-home reduces productivity while employees think it massively increases it. Part of this comes from the difference in how workers and managers view productivity. The best available solution is an organized hybrid approach.

Ask HN: What do you talk about in 1-on-1s with your managers? (Hacker News Thread)

After a while, employees might find that they are running out of things to talk about meaningfully in their one-on-one meetings with managers. This Hacker News thread discusses what other engineers talk about during their one-on-ones. While there are important business topics to cover during these sessions, many replies in the thread suggest using them to get to know your manager personally.
Quick Links

graphic-walker (GitHub Repo)

graphic-walker allows data scientists to analyze data and visualize patterns with simple drag-and-drop operations.

Apple to Make Custom Displays In-House, Starting With MicroLED for Apple Watch Ultra in 2024 (2 minute read)

Apple's planned shift to custom displays in 2024 will lessen its reliance on display partners like Samsung and LG.

Working on a professional version of ChatGPT (Twitter Thread)

This Twitter thread links to a waitlist for paid ChatGPT access with higher limits and faster performance.

How to... use ChatGPT to boost your writing (6 minute read)

This article presents a mental model for writers for how to work with ChatGPT.

Google’s Extension SDK aims to bring latest features to older Android versions (2 minute read)

Google's Extension SDK will allow users on older Android versions to enjoy Android 13 features without updating.

Taking over a Dead IoT Company (15 minute read)

This article investigates why NYCTrainSign collapsed and covers an exploit that allowed a developer to take over their fleet.

Supabase - Support Engineers (Remote Asia, $56k - $75k)

Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative, built by developers for developers. We are seeking Support Engineers to provide world class developer support.

Linea - Senior Frontend Engineer (Remote, $120k - $200k)

Linea is an automated MLOps platform founded by the folks that created Apache Spark. We're looking for a front-end engineer to help us build a new front-end IDE-like experience for data scientists, ML engineers, and data engineers.

Wanderu - Lead SRE (Remote $145k - $180k)

Wanderu is the leading ground travel search in North America and soon the rest of the world. We are seeking a reliability engineer who will lead the automation of our cloud environment.

K16 Solutions - Web Developer (Remote $110k - $125k)

We are hiring, as we launch new products and are looking for web developers to revolutionize edtech by changing how higher-ed leaders access, move, and analyze their content and data.

3CORESec - Frontend Developer (Remote, Europe)

3CORESec is a Portuguese startup developing platforms and services for adversary detection in information security. We are seeking a front end developer familiar with React,, and AWS AppSync.

Maddox AI - Frontend and Backend Engineers (Remote, Europe)

Maddox AI, is an AI-based visual quality control solution, which can automate manually performed quality inspection for manufacturing companies.

Rightpoint - Front End/Angular Developer (NYC, Contractor, $85-$125/hr)

Rightpoint is looking for a senior Angular dev open to going into the NYC office 2x per week to work with a client of ours in the financial services industry.
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