TLDR 2023-01-11

Microsoft plans $10B OpenAI investment 💰, CRISPR meat 🥩, subjects for 1-on-1s 👨‍💼

What is a data privacy vault, and why do you need one? (Sponsor)

Big Tech & Startups

Buy with Prime, which brings Prime to third-party sites, officially launches in US on Jan. 31 (2 minute read)

Microsoft reportedly plans to invest $10 billion in creator of buzzy A.I. tool ChatGPT (3 minute read)

Science & Futuristic Technology

The first CRISPR gene-edited meat is coming—and this is the CEO making sci-fi a reality (6 minute read)

Monitoring Space Weather From the Ground (4 minute read)

Programming, Design & Data Science

Theory-building and why employee churn is lethal to software companies (6 minute read)

Pirate Weather (Website)

Amazon EC2 Cheatsheet by Datadog (Sponsor)


Where Managers and Employees Disagree About Remote Work (3 minute read)

Ask HN: What do you talk about in 1-on-1s with your managers? (Hacker News Thread)

Quick Links

graphic-walker (GitHub Repo)

Apple to Make Custom Displays In-House, Starting With MicroLED for Apple Watch Ultra in 2024 (2 minute read)

Working on a professional version of ChatGPT (Twitter Thread)

How to... use ChatGPT to boost your writing (6 minute read)

Bite-sized math and CS lessons to sharpen your analytical thinking (Sponsor)

Google’s Extension SDK aims to bring latest features to older Android versions (2 minute read)

Taking over a Dead IoT Company (15 minute read)


Supabase - Support Engineers (Remote Asia, $56k - $75k)

Linea - Senior Frontend Engineer (Remote, $120k - $200k)

Wanderu - Lead SRE (Remote $145k - $180k)

K16 Solutions - Web Developer (Remote $110k - $125k)

3CORESec - Frontend Developer (Remote, Europe)

Maddox AI - Frontend and Backend Engineers (Remote, Europe)

Rightpoint - Front End/Angular Developer (NYC, Contractor, $85-$125/hr)

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