TLDR 2022-09-01

DALL-E image extension 🖼️, Lenovo smart glasses 😎, advanced debugging with Chrome DevTools 👨‍💻

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Big Tech & Startups

DALL·E: Introducing Outpainting (1 minute read)

OpenAI has introduced a new feature for DALL-E that can continue images beyond their original borders. Outpainting can create large-scale images in any aspect ratio. It takes account of the image's existing visual elements to maintain the context of the original image. Outpainting is now available to all DALL-E users on desktop. Examples of images generated with Outpainting are available.

IFA: Lenovo unveils Glasses T1 wearable display, next-gen ThinkPad X1 Fold, and more (6 minute read)

Lenovo announced a range of devices ahead of the IFA show in Berlin that will run between September 2 and September 6. The devices include smart glasses, laptops, Chromebooks, a Chromebox, monitors, and tablets. This article contains details on some of the devices, including technical specifications. Pictures of some of the devices are available.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Experimental brain surgery quelled cravings in 2 people with binge eating disorder (3 minute read)

Two patients who went through an experimental brain surgery for binge eating disorder reported feeling more in control of their cravings a year after the operation. The operation involved installing a pacemaker-like device under the scalp and wiring the device to an area of the brain that plays a vital role in how people experience reward and satisfaction. The device delivers small electrical zaps to the brain to help stifle cravings. Patients do not feel the zaps, but they may notice changes in their mood.

Meta AI researchers develop ways to read speech from people’s brains (3 minute read)

Meta researchers have developed an AI model that can decode speech from noninvasive recordings of brain activity. Noninvasive recordings are noisy and can vary greatly, so machine learning was used to help 'clean up' the noise. The model is only focused on decoding perceived speech for now. The research could lead to new ways to communicate and control technology.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Modern web debugging in Chrome DevTools (6 minute read)

Many developers leverage frameworks, build tools, and compilers to write web applications from a higher-level perspective. However, developers only get to see a compiled version of their code when debugging or profiling web applications in Chrome DevTools. This article discusses new features in Chrome DevTools that help developers see their code as they wrote it. The changes are aimed at improving the debugging experience. The Chrome DevTools team plans to improve the DevTools profiling experience in future updates.

Software Engineering Research Questions (11 minute read)

This article contains 64 software engineering research questions. The questions are not in any specific order and they cover a wide range of topics.

Snyk finds PyPi malware that steals Discord & Roblox credential and payment info (Sponsor)

Snyk security research team recently added 12 unique pieces of PyPi malware to the Snyk Vulnerability Database. These malicious packages were found to steal Discord and Roblox credential and payment information - all belonging to the same actor. Read more about the team’s findings.

Stable Diffusion is a really big deal (5 minute read)

Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image model released by Stability AI on August 22. Stability AI has released the whole Stable Diffusion model for free. It can be used online or downloaded and run on a computer. There has been an explosion of innovation around Stable Diffusion. Images generated with Stable Diffusion can be used for commercial and non-commercial purchases with some usage restrictions.

Interview: Fuchsia’s past, present, and future, as told by ex-director Chris McKillop (18 minute read)

Google Fuchsia is an operating system based on a custom kernel called Zircon. This article features an interview with the former director of engineering for the project, Chris McKillop. In the interview, McKillop shares how the project started, its current state, and where the operating system is going next. McKillop left Google earlier this year after 10 years at the company. He worked on Fuchsia for seven years.
Quick Links

Boa (GitHub Repo)

Boa is an embeddable and experimental Javascript engine written in Rust.

Nvidia stock falls after U.S. government restricts chip sales to China (2 minute read)

The US government's new license requirement for exports to China aims to reduce the risk of products being used by the Chinese military.

Scientists Say They Found the Genes That Makes Immortal Jellyfish Immortal (2 minute read)

Immortal jellyfish appear to have twice as many copies of genes associated with repair and protection compared to their mortal cousins.

Velox (GitHub Repo)

Velox is a C++ database acceleration library that provides reusable, extensible, and high-performance data processing components.

Space Startup Unveils Plans for Orbital Fuel Station for Spacecraft (2 minute read)

Orbit Fab is planning to offer satellite refueling services in geostationary orbit as soon as 2025.

ruff (GitHub Repo)

ruff is an extremely fast Python linter written in Rust.
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