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Twitter's failed OnlyFans competitor 🐦, how to get side gigs 👨‍💻, billionaire's utopian startup city 🏙️

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Big Tech & Startups

How Twitter’s child porn problem ruined its plans for an OnlyFans competitor (12 minute read)

Twitter planned to start monetizing its adult content in the spring of 2022. It considered giving adult content creators the ability to start selling subscriptions, with Twitter keeping a share of the revenue. The company then found that it could not safely continue with the plan because it couldn't effectively police harmful sexual content on the platform. Twitter also lacks age verification tools. The project has been delayed indefinitely.

Royal Caribbean is putting SpaceX’s Starlink on its cruise ships (3 minute read)

Royal Caribbean is outfitting its fleet of ships with SpaceX's Starlink Maritime internet service. Passengers will be able to use the service for streaming and to make video calls. The service will be officially launching on September 5 starting with a ship called the Celebrity Beyond. It will be fully deployed across Royal Caribbean's fleet by the first quarter of 2023. Starlink Maritime plans to cover most of the world's oceans by the first quarter of 2023.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Inside billionaire Marc Lore’s utopian city: ‘Telosa’ (3 minute read)

Telosa is a proposed city that will be built from scratch on over 150,000 acres in the deserts of Nevada, Arizona, or Utah. Every building in the city will be green-minded and citizens will have everything they need located within a short walk. The project aims to build a new model for society. It will be governed by equitism, which appears to be a mix of democracy, capitalism, and socialism. Artist renderings of the future city are available in the article.

The key to anti-aging drugs could be taking them briefly while young (3 minute read)

Research focused on an immunosuppressive agent found that it has anti-aging effects in worms, fruit flies, and mice. Rapamycin has been shown to extend the life of fruit flies if the drug is administered for a short period in the first few days of their lives. Mice experiments show that rapamycin has potential anti-aging effects if given to mice for a short period between the age of three to six months. Human studies will be difficult as it will take a very long time for results to be seen.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Marketing for maintainers: Promote your project to users and contributors (13 minute read)

Developers who want people to benefit from their work or contributors for their projects need to be able to get the word out about their products. They need to be able to explain why other people should take the time to learn and potentially contribute to their projects. This article features interviews with three experts who answer questions about how to promote projects to users and contributors. It covers how to make projects stand out, what parts of a project to focus on when marketing, brands and communication styles, and speaking at events.

Get comfortable in New Relic’s new UI with these 8 must-know tips (Sponsor)

Now in public preview: New Relic’s new UI is faster and more adaptable. Getting familiar with it early will help you be more productive. Navigation, instrumentation, customization, and workspace design have all been overhauled - check out the details and learn how to make the most of the new UI.

Becoming a Systems Architect (7 minute read)

This article tells the story of how Wojtek Mandrysz became a systems architect. It starts from when he was 16 and learning about Linux distributions. The changing moment for Mandrysz came after he was tasked with managing a team and realized the importance of processes.

AdGuard publishes the world's first ad blocker built on Manifest V3 (11 minute read)

Manifest V3 is a controversial API from Google that became available in late 2020 along with Chrome 88 Beta. Starting in January 2023, all Chrome extensions built on Manifest V2 will stop working. Manifest V3 stops dozens of ad-blocking extensions from working. AdGuard has released an experimental browser extension that can block ads even within the strict limits of Manifest V3.

Ask HN: How do you get side gigs? (Hacker News Thread)

This Hacker News thread discusses how developers can make extra money doing side gigs. The top replies discuss networking and marketing, advising startups, helping maintain libraries, working a second work-from-home job, or just finding a higher paid main job.
Quick Links

Xcode Cloud Subscriptions Now Available for Developers (2 minute read)

Xcode Cloud is a continuous integration and developer service built into the Xcode app.

Developer Experience Infrastructure (9 minute read)

A new product category called Developer Experience Infrastructure has the potential to change how companies ship developer-focused products.

The Good Research Code Handbook (Book)

This handbook teaches students how to organize research code so that it is easy to understand and works reliably.

Snap plans to lay off 20 percent of employees (2 minute read)

The layoffs will affect employees in Snap's mini apps, gaming, ad sales, and hardware divisions.

Susan Wojcicki was in talks to be Elon Musk's number two at Tesla before taking YouTube CEO role, book says (3 minute read)

Susan Wojcicki quietly held talks about leaving Google to become Elon Musk's second-in-command at Tesla in 2014.

'Man of the Hole': Last of his tribe dies in Brazil (3 minute read)

The last remaining member of an uncontacted indigenous group in Brazil, who has lived in total isolation for the past 26 years, has died.
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