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Tesla's new solar roof ☀️, self hostable coding AI 👨‍💻, flying car FAA approved 🚗

SOC 2 is a resource drain. Can Drata’s auto-compliance tool make it quicker? (Sponsor)

Drata says there’s an easier way to achieve continuous SOC 2 compliance (also ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA). Instead of screenshots, spreadsheets, and endless back-and-forth emails with auditors, Drata offers an autopilot layer that gathers evidence 24/7, with 75+ integrations for the most common SaaS services.

Users seem to be impressed: Drata is the highest rated compliance software on G2. The CISO of Lemonade says: “Drata applies a level of integration and automation that I’ve not seen before. I reviewed a number of players in this space. Drata is the clear winner.”

Check Drata out: TLDR readers get 10% off and waived implementation fees

Big Tech & Startups

Tesla is testing new version of Solar Roof (v3.5)

Tesla is now testing version 3.5 of its Solar Roof in employees' homes. Scheduling of all Solar Roof installations in virtually all markets has been paused. Third-party roofing and solar companies can continue installing Solar Roofs. Tesla aims to resume installations in the fourth quarter. It is unclear what is new with the updated Solar Roof or when Tesla plans to launch the product.

Flying car 'Switchblade' with foldable wings and a retractable tail gets FAA approval (4 minute read)

The Switchblade is a flying sports car developed by Oregon-based company Samson Sky. It recently passed FAA safety tests and is now ready for market launch in the US. The car features foldable wings and a retractable tail. It is capable of flying at 16,000 feet while running on 91 octane gasoline and it can fit inside a garage. The estimated starting price for the flying car is $150,000. Many more details and renders of the vehicle are available in the article.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Scientists revived organ cells in dead pigs (2 minute read)

Researchers from Yale University have revived cells in the organs of pigs that had been dead for an hour. The team achieved this by using a mixture of the pigs' blood and an artificial hemoglobin with a solution called OrganEx. OrganEx is designed to fight cell death while preventing a return to consciousness. The research could result in more viable organs for transplants and it could help limit damage to organs after serious heart attacks and strokes.

Scientists Just Detected the Oldest Dark Matter Ever Observed (3 minute read)

Scientists from Japan's Nagoya University claim to have discovered the oldest dark matter ever observed. Dark matter is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in modern physics. It makes up around 85% of the total mass of the universe but it is extremely hard to detect. The dark matter discovered by the team was significantly less clumpy than predicted. More work still needs to be done to confirm the discovery.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Weights and Biases (GitHub Repo)

Weights and Biases is a tool for visualizing and tracking machine learning experiments. It can quickly identify model regressions, capture dataset versions, and reproduce any model. Weights and Biases features simple integration with any framework, automated hyperparameter optimization, insight sharing, and much more.

FauxPilot (GitHub Repo)

FauxPilot is a locally hosted version of GitHub Copilot. It can be used with the official VSCode Copilot plugin. FauxPilot requires an Nvidia GPU with enough VRAM to run the model.

Guide: Login and authentication workflows for web, single-page and mobile apps (Sponsor)

Authentication is critical. Getting it right starts with understanding how different types of applications manage login and authentication. This technical guide by FusionAuth covers the key differences between traditional, single page, and mobile app authentication, with detailed workflows for Native Login and OAuth 2. Download the guide for free

The Radical Scope of Tesla’s Data Hoard (5 minute read)

Tesla's innovations in data collection, analysis, and usage are transforming the automotive industry. This article is part of a series that examines what data Tesla vehicles collect, how the data is used, how it is accessed, and how it can be exploited. The article covers the hardware used to collect data and how the data is collected. There is no evidence that Tesla collects any data beyond what customers agree to in their terms of service.

Mass layoffs and hiring freezes: Just 9% of tech workers feel secure about their jobs right now (3 minute read)

A survey from Blind found that just 9% of tech workers are feeling confident in their job security. Many tech companies have rescinded job offers and announced hiring freezes and mass layoffs in recent months. More than 32,000 people have been laid off in the US tech sector so far in 2022. Many companies are still hiring, so laid-off workers are able to quickly find employment.
Quick Links

Introducing the Livebook Desktop app (1 minute read)

Livebook desktop works on both Mac and Windows and users don't have to have Elixir installed on their machine.

I did nothing today, what do I say in tomorrow's stand up? (Reddit Thread)

Say that you attended meetings and that you are still working on X.

Open Source Tools for Computational Biology (3 minute read)

This page contains a list of free open source software for building biotech products.

7 things I've learned building a modern TUI framework (9 minute read)

This article discusses terminals in Python and software development in general.

OnePlus 10T review: call it a comeback (9 minute read)

The OnePlus 10T is a $649 phone with a highly capable chipset.

14 alternative wonders of the world (2 minute read)

A collection of photos of 14 alternative wonders of the world.
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