TLDR 2022-04-27

Android 13 beta 🤖, Apple delists old apps 📱, floating city prototype 🏝️  

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Big Tech & Startups

Apple will delist App Store apps that haven’t been updated recently (3 minute read)

Apple plans to remove apps on its App Store that haven't been recently updated. Developers have 30 days to submit an update for approval. The policy is intended to make it easier for customers to find apps that fit their needs. Apps that are removed from the App Store due to this policy will remain fully functional for users who already have the app installed. Google has also announced similar plans.

Android 13’s beta is no longer just for developers (2 minute read)

The Android 13 beta is now available for anyone with a compatible Pixel device. It will feature a new photo picker for restricting app access to photos, new app icon theming options, a new notification permission, and support for Bluetooth Low Energy Audio. There are also some developer-focused changes. The full release of Android 13 is expected later in the year.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Researchers develop a paper-thin loudspeaker (6 minute read)

MIT engineers have developed a paper-thin loudspeaker that can turn any surface into an audio source. The speaker can produce high-quality sounds on a variety of surfaces. It can be made into any size and uses only a fraction of the power used by traditional loudspeakers. The speaker has a high enough resonance frequency to be used for ultrasound applications. A video showing off the speaker is available in the article.

This printer is made of 600 strands of DNA that put themselves together (6 minute read)

Researchers have created a printer using self-assembling strands of DNA. DNA components are attracted to each other and can find each other if connected in the right way. While our bodies use DNA to communicate genetic information, its properties make it useful for building on a molecular scale. The technology could eventually lead to novel ways of manufacturing complex molecules.
Programming, Design & Data Science

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Hush (Website)

This site contains an introductory guide to Hush. Hush is a modern shell scripting language. It aims to enable the development of robust and maintainable shell scripts. Hush is a good fit for scenarios where external programs need to be put to work together.

Zed (GitHub Repo)

Zed uses a super-structured data model to make data easier to manipulate and manage. It uses a data format that is syntax-compatible with JSON but with a comprehensive type system. Zed supports simple keyword searches as well as powerful data transformation operators that provide as much detail as desired.

Nukes, Nubs And Coners: The Unique Social Hierarchy Aboard A Nuclear Submarine (11 minute read)

This article describes the social structure and culture of United States Navy submarines. Every crewmember starts as a NUB, or Non-Useful Body, and has to earn their dolphins to become a member of the subculture. Nukes are crewmen that work in the engine room and Coners are those that work anywhere forward of the engine room. The article provides a description of the NUB experience as well as an overview of the different types of Nukes and Coners.

Here's what the world's first floating city in Busan, South Korea, could look like (2 minute read)

The South Korean city of Busan recently unveiled a prototype for a floating city. Floating cities could be a way to mitigate the effects of climate change. Busan is a critical port city that will have to adapt to rising sea waters. The floating city will have modular pieces, each designed for a specific use. Artist renderings of the project are available in the article.
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