TLDR 2022-03-17

Netflix sharing crackdown 📺, SpaceX surgery fellowship 👨‍⚕️, understanding Apple Silicon 💻

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Big Tech & Startups

Netflix tests a new feature that will raise prices for account sharing (3 minute read)

Netflix is testing out a sub account feature that will allow subscribers to share their service with people outside of their household. Each sub account will have their own login and password and cost less than a full-priced Netflix service. The feature is being trialed in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. There have been no announcements about if or when the feature will be rolled out to global subscribers.

Snapchat’s new feature lets creators build AR experiences for landmarks in their communities (2 minute read)

Snapchat's new Custom Landmarkers feature lets creators build unique AR experiences for local places. It is now accessible in Lens Studio after first being teased at an event in December. Custom landmarkers are discoverable through physical Snapcodes or through creator profiles. Snapchat has a community of 250,000 Lens creators building experiences for its platform. Some creators received early access to the feature and have already launched AR experiences in their communities.
Science & Futuristic Technology

SpaceX is hosting a new fellowship on space-based surgery. It could save lives (3 minute read)

SpaceX has partnered with the University of Arizona and Banner Health to host an Aerospace Surgery Fellowship. It will be the first-ever fellowship training program in the US that delves into the field of aerospace surgery. The program will train astronaut surgeons for future space programs. Graduates of the program will be eligible for board certification in aerospace medicine. Fellows have the opportunity to spend six months conducting research with SpaceX.

Record-breaking hydrogen electrolyzer claims 95% efficiency (4 minute read)

Hysata, an Australian company, has developed new electrolyzer technology that promises to create competitively priced green hydrogen within just a few years. The cost of creating green hydrogen is one of the biggest barriers against using it as an energy source. By generating more hydrogen from the same sources, Hysata could drive the price of green hydrogen down to a point where it becomes competitive with dirty hydrogen and fossil fuels. Hysata's process is 98% efficient with extremely low gas crossover. The company plans to have its technology commercialized by 2025.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Avvvatars (GitHub Repo)

Avvvatars is a library for creating unique avatar placeholders. It generates avatars based on string inputs. The avatars are customizable and can be in the form of text or shapes. A live demo is available.

Introduction to Apple Silicon (14 minute read)

This article explains how open operating systems interoperate with the Apple Silicon Mac boot ecosystem. Topics include storage, boot flow, security modes, and much more. It is intended for developers and maintainers of Linux, BSD, and other OS distributions and boot-related components.

Examining AMC’s ‘embarrassingly stupid’ investment in a literal gold mine (4 minute read)

AMC announced this week that it is acquiring a 22% stake in a gold and silver mining company. The Hycroft mine reportedly contains around 15 million ounces of gold deposits and some 600 million ounces of silver deposits. Hycroft has been facing liquidity issues, resulting in reduced share prices. Analysts have criticized the move, as investing in an unrelated business that will not increase traffic to its main business when the company has outstanding debt could be seen as a misuse of shareholder capital.

Nvidia Unveils Big Accelerator Memory: Solid-State Storage for GPUs (3 minute read)

Nvidia's Big Accelerator Memory (BaM) method can make GPUs seamlessly work with SSDs. BaM will be particularly useful for workloads that use large datasets. To process large datasets efficiently, GPUs either need vast amounts of expensive special-purpose memory or efficient access to solid-state storage. BaM will allow Nvidia GPUs to fetch large amounts of data from SSDs and use it independently from the CPU, making graphics cards more self-sufficient than they are today.
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