TLDR 2021-04-06

Apple's future πŸ“±, Yahoo Answers shutdown ❓, space hotel reservations 🏨

Big Tech & Startups

Yahoo Answers will be shut down forever on May 4th (3 minute read)

Yahoo Answers will shut down on May 4. After that day, the website will start redirecting to the Yahoo homepage and all of the platform's archives will cease to exist. New submissions will no longer be accepted on the site after April 20. Users will have until June 30 to request their data before it becomes inaccessible. The service has become less popular over the years, so the company has decided to shift its resources away to focus on other products.

Tim Cook says Apple wants to use AR to make conversations better (2 minute read)

Tim Cook offered some hints about Apple's thinking on augmented reality and cars in a recent interview with The New York Times. Augmented reality is critically important to Apple's future. It could be used to enhance conversations with imagery in many fields, such as health, education, retail, and gaming. The latest leaks suggest that Apple plans to launch a mixed reality device next year. Cook hinted at the company's plans to develop a car, but he also noted that not every project eventually ships.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Israeli Startup Nanox Gets FDA Approval for Digital X-ray System (2 minute read)

An Israeli startup, Nanox, has developed a new type of X-ray machine that generates 3D images. It emits less radiation and costs a fraction of the price of conventional imaging devices. The Nanox.ARC uses a proprietary silicon chip embedded with 100 million nanocones that generate X-rays. The FDA has granted clearance for the single-source Nanox.ARC, and Nanox expects to get the same approval for its multisource Nanox.ARC and the Nanox.CLOUD. Nanox plans to deploy the multisource Nanox.ARC across the globe. The device will expand access to imaging services to the roughly two-thirds of the world's population who currently have limited or no meaningful access to imaging.

Decellularized Spinach Serves as an Edible Platform for Growing Artificial Meat (3 minute read)

The veiny skeleton of a spinach leaf can support the growth of artificial meat. Spinach provides a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly scaffold that may accelerate the development of cultured meat. Previous studies have demonstrated that spinach leaf scaffolds can be used for cultivating human heart tissue. Researchers will now focus on growing more cells on the leaves to create thicker steaks and to investigate other animal and plant cell alternatives.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Docuowl (GitHub Repo)

Docuowl is a documentation generator. It takes directories of markdown files as input and compiles them into a single HTML file. A demo is available in the repository.

Mars milestone: NASA Ingenuity helicopter survives first cold night alone (2 minute read)

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter recently survived on its own for the first time through a brutal Martian night. Perseverance dropped the helicopter onto the ground over the weekend to allow it to charge its batteries in the sunlight. Temperatures can go as low as minus 130 degrees Fahrenheit in the Jezero Crater at night. NASA plans to run Ingenuity's first hovering test flight on April 11.

World’s First Ever Space Hotel Is Now Taking Reservations (2 minute read)

The Voyager Class Space Station is scheduled to open in 2027. It will accommodate up to 280 guests at once, entertaining them with several bars and restaurants, a cinema, a gym, and a spa. Construction will begin in 2026. Guests can already make bookings at the space hotel. A three-and-a-half-day stay will cost $5 million, including travel to get there and back. Guests will have to go through training before their stay.
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