TLDR 2021-02-22

Samsung leaks AR glasses 😎, Singaporean vending machines 🥩, Bitcoin miners invade ₿

Big Tech & Startups

Samsung imagines how its first AR glasses might look in these leaked concept videos (2 minute read)

Samsung recently showed off a basic set of image-projecting goggles at CES 2020. Two new recently published concept videos introduce some of the possibilities of this technology, for example, using them to enter immersive virtual environments. In the videos, a smartwatch is used for navigating the virtual interfaces. Samsung is rumored to be going back to Android for its next smartwatch. The concept videos are available in the article.

Why Andorra is the new ‘Silicon Valley for YouTubers’ (3 minute read)

Andorra has become a creative hub filled with social media influencers from across Europe. The high concentration of other creators, along with other benefits like tax breaks, have attracted many to the area. Andorra allows business owners to put 'YouTube' as their company's purpose since 2019. There has been some backlash against those who have moved, with the national media in Spain calling them unpatriotic, especially during a time when the country is struggling with its economy.
Science & Futuristic Technology

New study finds 20% of people have a genetic mutation that provides resilience to the cold (3 minute read)

One in five people lacks a protein in their fast-twitch muscle fibers, which results in those individuals having better resilience to the cold. Those who lack the protein are better at keeping warm and at enduring a tougher climate. When warming up after cold-water immersion, people who lack the protein increase the activation of slow-twitch fibers rather than fast-twitch fibers. People who lack the protein rarely succeed in sports that require strength and explosiveness, but they tend to have a greater capacity for endurance sports.

Bird flu: Russia detects first case of H5N8 bird flu in humans (1 minute read)

Seven workers at a poultry plant in Russia were infected with a bird flu strain in December. All seven people are now feeling well and adequate measures were taken to stop the spread of infection. There was no sign of transmission between humans. This is the first report of the H5N8 strain being passed on.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Mistakes I’ve Made as an Engineering Manager (7 minute read)

This article discusses four mistakes made by Sarah Drasner during her years as an engineering manager at several companies. She discusses how to give feedback, how to cultivate capable staff, communication, and how to be vulnerable with the team.

Hub (GitHub Repo)

Hub is a method of storing, accessing, and managing datasets with version-control for PyTorch/TensorFlow. It stores datasets on the cloud so that data can be accessed anywhere. Hub makes any data type stored on the cloud usable as fast as if it was stored on-premise.

This is what happens when bitcoin miners take over your town (31 minute read)

Bitcoin mining uses a huge amount of electricity. A mining setup requires a building, hundreds of high-speed computer servers, a heavy-duty cooling system, and a location that can handle a lot of electricity. Back in 2013, many bitcoin miners were attracted to the area around the Columbia River due to the cheap power from the five hydroelectric dams along the river. Many properties in the area were converted to cryptocurrency mines. Other regions in the world with cheap electricity have also seen a rise in mining hubs. Bitcoin's popularity has now increased to the point where it is no longer feasible for smaller operators to continue mining.

Singapore vending machines now dispense salmon, crab, and even cacti (5 minute read)

Vending machines in Singapore now sell a variety of foods, such as salmon and Wagyu beef. Many entrepreneurs are turning to vending machines as the barriers to entry are low, and a compact, densely populated city like Singapore is ideal. The variety of food is increasing, and some machines are now selling other items, such as books and cacti. Vending machines played a key role in Singapore's pandemic response, with 1,200 of them installed around the island to dispense free masks.
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