TLDR 2020-11-12

YouTube worldwide outage ⚠️, Google Photos no longer free 🖼️, 1000 km/h train 🚂

Big Tech & Startups

Google Photos will end its free unlimited storage on June 1st, 2021 (4 minute read)

From June next year, Google Photos will start charging for storage once users pass the 15 GB mark. All photos and documents uploaded before the change will not count towards the cap. Pixel owners will be able to continue uploading high-quality photos for free without limits. Users who want more storage can purchase Google One, which offers storage across Google's suite of apps, as well as a VPN for Android at some of its higher tiers. If users are inactive for two years and don't respond to Google's multiple warning emails, they risk having their account data deleted.

YouTube went down around the world, but it’s now fixed (2 minute read)

YouTube experienced a worldwide outage for about an hour today. Videos stopped playing during the outage, but the service has since recovered. The outage affected other services that use the YouTube infrastructure. DownDetector recorded more than 280,000 user reports in less than an hour, and numerous users on Twitter reported the outage.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Rolls-Royce plans 16 mini-nuclear plants for UK (6 minute read)

Rolls-Royce is planning to build up to 16 mini-nuclear plants in the UK. The project will create 6,000 new jobs over the next five years. It is expected to receive at least £200m funding from the government as part of a long-delayed green plan for economic recovery. Nuclear is essential if the UK is to meet its target of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, but all of the UK's seven nuclear reactor sites are due to go offline by 2035. Small Modular Reactors can be assembled into larger plants, lowering the costs of building a nuclear power station. As well as providing the country with low-carbon electricity, the concept may become an export industry.

One Step Closer to 1,000 km/h Train (1 minute read)

The Korea Railroad Research Institute has achieved a speed of over 1,000 kilometers an hour in a 1/17 hyper-tube train aerodynamic test model. The test model ran in a near-vacuum tube of 0.001 atm. This is the first test model that has successfully reduced the atmospheric pressure to below 1 atm. The institute is planning to start actual track and vehicle development in 2022.
Programming, Design & Data Science

many_requests (GitHub Repo)

many_requests is an interface for executing many HTTP requests asynchronously. It automatically handles errors and executes retries. many_requests also provides helper functions for executing embarrassingly parallel async coroutines.

Introduction to Linear Algebra for Applied Machine Learning with Python (Book)

Every machine learning model is based on linear algebra. This document contains introductory level linear algebra notes for applied machine learning. The notes are meant to be used as a reference and are not a comprehensive review.

Simple Search is a browser extension that gives you Google circa 2010 (2 minute read)

Simple Search is a browser extension that removes all the widgets that Google has been building into its search results over the last 10 years. Google now attempts to show users the most important information from websites in infoboxes. This plugin is an attempt to recreate an older version of the search service. The extension works for Bing as well and it is available for both Firefox and Chrome.

Disaster ‘prepping’ was once an American pastime. Today, it’s mainstream again (9 minute read)

The disaster-prepping industry has boomed since the start of the pandemic. Many people found themselves woefully unprepared in March. As the government has stepped in to help its citizens throughout the decades, individuals have become more unprepared for the unexpected. However, as trust in the government has lessened in recent years, more people have taken matters into their own hands by prepping. This has resulted in an industry that provides prepping services ranging from kits to armored bunkers. The trend is likely to continue as prepping has now overcome its stigma and become mainstream.
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