TLDR 2020-09-08

TikTok suicide 💀, being a senior engineer  👨‍💻, vanishing 🙈

Big Tech & Startups

TikTok is racing to stop the spread of a gruesome video (1 minute read)

A video showing a man shooting himself with a gun has been circulating on TikTok. The clip was originally streamed on other social media sites, but it is harder for users to avoid videos on TikTok's platform. Users on the site have posted videos warning their followers about the video. TikTok has systems that automatically flag clips that violate its policies and are banning accounts that are repeatedly trying to upload the clip.

Minecraft is coming to PlayStation VR as a free upgrade later this month (1 minute read)

Minecraft will be playable for free on PlayStation VR later this month. It will be the same as Minecraft on PlayStation 4 but with some small tweaks, mainly to the interface and set-up for VR. Players will be able to use the PS4 controller to move around while using the PS VR headset to look around. There will be two modes, Immersive and Living Room, but there are no further details on what these modes will entail.
Science & Futuristic Technology

First 'plug and play' brain prosthesis demoed in paralyzed person (5 minute read)

Neuroscience researchers have created a brain-controlled interface that can be used by patients without extensive daily training. Current BCI interfaces require users to retrain for every session. The new BCI uses ECoG electrode arrays, which allow long-term, stable recordings of neural activity. It was trained using a machine learning algorithm that matches brain activity to a user's desired movements. Over time, the study participants were able to develop a consistent mental model for controlling the interface. Participants could continue using the interface even after it was reset. After learning how to use the BCI, participants were able to continue using it without retraining and could even go days without practice with little decline in performance.

Large Hadron Collider Creates Matter From Light (3 minute read)

Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider observed photons merging and transforming into W bosons. W bosons are particles that carry the weak force which governs nuclear decay. The research illustrates the concept that energy and matter are two sides of the same coin.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Things I Learned to Become a Senior Software Engineer (40 minute read)

Career development doesn't stop once you become a Senior Software Engineer. It is useful to assess your growth and find ways to continue growing. This article discusses growth from a Senior Software Engineer's perspective and covers both the mental aspects as well as some practical aspects of continual career development.

Bootstrap Icons Vue (GitHub Repo)

This package provides bootstrap icons as Vue components. Each icon is 1em in width and height. A link to the full list of icons is available.

Jobs that suit (Website)

This is The Guardian's job search page. Job seekers can search by job title, area, and remote working options, or browse for jobs by sector, location, job titles, and more. They can also upload their CVs and sign up for job alerts. The page contains articles on career advice.

The companies that help people vanish (4 minute read)

In Japan, 'jouhatsu' are people who disappear and continue to conceal their whereabouts for years. There are companies called 'night moving' services that help people who want to disappear discreetly. In Japan, privacy is fiercely protected, making it easier to disappear. Police will only intervene if there is a crime or an accident. The only option for people to find out what happened to their missing loved ones is by hiring a private detective.
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