TLDR 2020-05-11

Tesla threatens to leave California 🚗, Space Force recruitment 🚀, age defying mole rats 🐀

Big Tech & Startups

Elon Musk Says Tesla Suing California County, Moving Headquarters Out Of State (2 minute read)

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will be suing California county due to the current shelter-in-place orders. He also announced that Tesla will be moving its headquarters and future programs to Texas and Nevada immediately. Tesla had closed its Fremont plant after some resistance in March. Musk has been vocal about his opposition to the pandemic restrictions, saying that the orders were against's people's freedoms and constitutional rights.

Facebook’s redesign goes live with simplified navigation and dark mode (2 minute read)

Facebook's redesign is finally official and will be rolling out to users this week. The redesign focuses on simplicity, taking cues from the mobile app. One of the most anticipated features of the redesign is its dark mode for desktop. The redesign makes it easier to create groups, pages, and ads. Facebook is open to receiving feedback, which can be sent via the Settings menu.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Naked mole rats defy the biological law of aging (3 minute read)

Naked mole rats rarely get cancer, are resistant to some types of pain, and can survive up to 18 minutes without oxygen. New research also suggests that they don't age. A study found that a naked mole rat's risk of death doesn't increase as it ages. Naked mole rats have been observed to live beyond 30 years in captivity, with females remaining fertile at that age. They have very active DNA repair and high levels of proteins that help other proteins fold correctly. Scientists will need more data in order to confirm the results of the study.

First US Space Force recruitment video wants you to find your purpose off the planet (1 minute read)

The US Space Force has posted its first recruitment video on Twitter. The video features rockets, mission control-type rooms, and US Space Force members in spacesuits. Established in 2019, the US Space Force will be operational by mid-2021. Its responsibilities include developing military space professionals, acquiring military space systems, and maturing the military doctrine for space power. There has been an avalanche of applicants. A link to the video is available in the article.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Ask HN: What are your favorite developer-efficiency tips? (Hacker News Thread)

Recording yourself or pretending to stream your work is a novel way of increasing productivity at work as it gets you into a certain mindset. Sometimes it can get difficult to start working. A technique to get started faster is to spend some time at the end of a work session to make it easier to accomplish something early in your next work session, for example, making a to-do list or creating an easy-to-fix issue. Dedicating only a little bit of time to read documentation and code can result in a vast amount of knowledge that can help save a lot of time and solve problems later on. This thread contains many more efficiency tips for developers.

pyp (GitHub Repo)

pyp allows users to run Python code in the shell. It will automatically import any modules used. pyp can be used to analyze and process data, including dicts and iterables.

My Mid-Career Job-Hunt: A Data Point for Job-Seeking Devs (8 minute read)

Matt Dupree recently wrapped up a job search after around 65 days. During that time, Dupree applied for 16 jobs, attended seven interviews, and received two offers. Many companies required Dupree to complete coding challenges, and he prepared for these interviews through online exercises. The main factor for success in these interviews was preparation. In the end, Dupree received an offer but countered it - resulting in a better salary. A link to a talk on salary negotiation is available in the article.

A terrifying mechanical dog is now stalking a Singapore park to make sure people stay properly distant (1 minute read)

Singapore is using a Boston Dynamics Spot robot to patrol park grounds to remind people to keep six feet apart. The robot currently only plays a recorded message about proper pandemic protocol. It is equipped with cameras and has the ability to help authorities keep track of potential crowding. If the current trial is successful, more robots will be rolled out to enforce social distancing measures in public spaces. A 39-second video is available in the article showing the robot on patrol.
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