TLDR 2019-03-06

Microsoft's new browser leaks, Apple's smarthome patents

Big Tech & Startups

This is what the new Chromium-based Edge looks like (2 minute read)

Microsoft is working on a new version of its Edge browser that is based on Chromium. Many of the design features are still similar to the current Edge browser, but some changes will be familiar to Chrome users. Bing is integrated into the browser, and a new tab will open into a personalized news feed powered by Microsoft News, with Bing’s image of the day as the background. While existing Chrome Web Store extensions are compatible with the new Edge browser (after changing a setting), Microsoft will maintain their own extension store for the new Edge. A gallery of screenshots is available that showcases the new Edge browser.

Apple acquires patent portfolio of failed smart home security startup Lighthouse AI (1 minute read)

Lighthouse AI was a startup that focused on augmented reality and 3D sensing with the aim of using the technology to make it easier to understand and sort through security footage. It shut down in December after failing to achieve commercial success. Apple has acquired eight patents and patent applications from the company, which relate to computer-vision based security, visual authentication, low-light video capturing, speech interference, communication interfaces, and incident sharing. It is still unknown what Apple plans to use these patents for, but they could be used to improve Face ID and expand HomeKit’s support for security systems.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Volvo to test full-size driverless bus in Singapore (1 minute read)

Singapore is ranked No. 2 globally in openness and preparedness for autonomic vehicles and will begin testing on a full-sized autonomous electric bus later this year. The bus, developed by Volvo, will start testing within the next few weeks or months and will be initially used on a university campus. It is hoped that further testing can be done on public roads after regulatory approvals in the next few years. The city-state aims to deploy autonomous buses in three different districts by 2022.

Putin Wants His Own Internet (5 minute read)

A new bill dubbed the ‘Sovereign Internet’ will create a single command post in which authorities can control the Russian cyberspace. While the reason given for this bill was to protect against foreign threats, as new US laws permit offensive measures against Russia and other designated adversaries, critics say that the real motivation for the new law is so that certain types of traffic can be cut off during times of civil unrest. Putin has stated that it is unlikely that the US will ever unplug Russia from the web, as it would cause them enormous damage, but the threat is real, so the country has to prepare for the scenario. The proposed Sovereign Internet will use Deep Package Inspection to analyze volumes and types of traffic in real time and selectively block or reroute the data as required.
Programming, Design & Data Science

M2cgen (GitHub Repo)

M2cgen transpiles trained statistical models into Python, C, or Java. Users can supply M2cgen with a range of models (linear, SVM, tree, random forest, or boosting) and the tool will output code in the chosen language that will represent the trained model. Examples of the generated code are available.

Interview questions about python (GitHub Repo)

When preparing for an interview, it's best to know what kind of questions you might be facing. This repository has an extensive list of potential python interview questions, along with the best answers to these questions as well. There are many code examples, and anyone can contribute and help expand the list.

London HIV patient becomes world's second AIDS cure hope (3 minute read)

An HIV-positive man in London is the second person in the world to be cleared of the virus after a bone-marrow transplant from an HIV-resistant donor. The operation was performed three years ago, and highly-sensitive tests conducted recently could not detect any trace of the virus in the patient. While the treatment was successful in this patient, many doctors say that this treatment is not a viable way of treating all patients. Donors with the specific HIV-resistant gene are required, and then these donors have to match with the patients, which reduces the number of viable treatments to a very low number. Scientists are now looking into gene therapies for the potential treatment of the disease.

What is it like working at a company during and after the release of a negatively received game? (Reddit Thread)

A Reddit user was curious to see what game developers experienced during production and subsequent release of a product, with the recent trend of negative press and backlash against several AAA titles. Several answers from game developers talk about similar experiences: game developers are generally aware of the quality of their product and how it will be viewed by the public, however, due to certain restrictions and time limits they might not be able to do anything about it. Directors may make decisions that the developers have no control over, and as issues pile up, they might not have time to fix everything before deadlines. Technical issues and UI/UX problems may take the team by surprise, as they are generally unexpected due to the development environment.
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