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Galaxy S10 and Fold 📱, iOS Apps for Mac 💻 , cashless society 💰

Big Tech & Startups

Galaxy S10, Galaxy Fold launch: 5 phones, smartwatches, new headphones and more (1 minute read)

Samsung’s Unpacked event has finally started, unveiling its new Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus (6.1 and 6.4 inch screens, priced at $900 and $1000 respectively), Galaxy Fold (4.6 inch display, 7.3 inch unfolded, starting at $1,980), the Galaxy Smartwatch ($200), and wireless earbuds ($130) have been announced. Samsung’s new Galaxy Home will be available in April. With such a huge launch, the details of each product release are too much for one article, so this page links to other articles detailing each of Samsung’s new releases with their own demo videos etc..

Apple Plans on Combining iPhone, iPad, Mac Apps by 2021 (2 minute read)

Apple plans to release a new software development kit later this year for developers to port their iPad apps to Mac OS. Future changes to Mac’s computer hardware may help developers create cross-platform apps, as Apple plans to move their computer range over to using their own custom processors as early as 2020. Apple plans to have all of its apps available on all platforms as a ‘single binary’ by 2021, however, there are no plans to combine Mac OS and iOS into a single operating system.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Sweden: How to Live in the World's First Cashless Society (3 minute read)

Sweden plans to be the world’s first completely cashless society by 2023. Already, many places in Sweden do not accept cash as a form of payment, including Stockholm’s public transport system. Swedish banks issue debit cards to customers ages 7 and over, and it is likely some of the current younger citizens will never see cash used in real life. Cash is currently used in under 1% of transactions in Sweden. Moving to a cashless society means that money is more secure and traceable. Sweden has seen a drop in bank robberies and also a decrease in its drug, counterfeiting, and weapons markets.

On the Road to Full Autonomy With Elon Musk (Podcast)

Elon Musk discusses the market for electric vehicles, the development of autonomous driving, and Bitcoin. Regulations and safety of autonomous vehicles are discussed and Musk discusses why Tesla will be able to solve the complex problem of autonomous driving. Tesla has an advantage when it comes to data collection and their methods are continually improving. The podcast runs for 29 minutes and can be downloaded or played directly from the site.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Y Combinator Resources for Developers (Website)

Y Combinator has built many resources that have been helpful for developers over the years. This page lists all the tools and resources with a description and year of release.

Get started building your personal website (GitHub Repo)

You can easily build a website to showcase your work as a software developer with this GitHub repository. There are simple instructions available, and once set up, users will be able to create a webpage (hosted on GitHub) that displays the owner’s profile information. While there is a simple template available, the webpage can be customized to suit the developer’s portfolio and tastes.

Google says the built-in microphone it never told Nest users about was 'never supposed to be a secret' (2 minute read)

Google has come under fire again with the revelation that its Nest Secure product had a built-in microphone. The microphone has existed in the product since launch but was never listed in the product specifications. Google has apologized for the oversight, saying that they had made a mistake in not announcing the existence of the built-in microphone. It claims the microphone was built into the device for future updates, such as the current Assistant upgrade, and for the possibility of integrating other security features such as detecting broken glass.
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