TLDR 2019-02-01

Apple blocks Google 🚫, Uber public transit 🚗, voice prints 🗣

Big Tech & Startups

Uber just added public transportation to its app (3 minute read)

People in Denver will start seeing public transport options when they open their Uber app, in an experiment to see whether the app will boost public transport usage. Uber aims to be the ‘all-in-one’ app for transportion needs and is testing to see whether more people will use public transport systems in this new system. This change comes after Uber has been criticized for causing a decrease in public transport use.

Apple blocks Google from running its internal iOS apps (2 minute read)

Apple has blocked Google’s internal iOS apps as a result of a breach of Apple’s developer enterprise program terms. Google had been using enterprise certificates to distribute its apps to consumers, despite only being authorized for internal use. Apple is working closely with Google to restore their services. Facebook had the same issue yesterday but has already had their access restored.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Prisons Across the US Are Quietly Building Databases of Incarcerated People's Voice Prints (10 minute read)

Prisons are building databases of their inmate’s voice prints. The methods used to collect this data include taking away privileges until the prisoner complies. Voice recognition data is being used to identify parties in a phone call and the technology is able to identify ‘suspicious’ phone calls. The data is not erased when prisoners are released and is being used to identify calls involving past inmates.

A new Harry Potter–themed cryptocurrency is like a more private version of Bitcoin (5 minute read)

A new privacy-focused cryptocurrency has become popular recently, and not only because of its Harry Potter theme. Grin promises to create a cryptocurrency that is both ‘light’ and completely anonymous. Currently, Bitcoin requires over 200GB of data to run a miner and its large energy consumption is a problem. Grin aims to solve these issues. There are a few criticisms for Grin, including its lack of a supply cap.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Learn React App (GitHub Repo)

Learn React App is a tutorial aimed at quickly getting a user up-to-date with React, a Javascript library for building user interfaces. Each tutorial contains guided exercises and solutions.

Awesome Podcasts (GitHub Repo)

This GitHub Repo contains an organized list of podcasts targeted at software engineers. Each entry gives a quick description of each podcast, how often episodes are released, and the average play time. There are over 30 topics, each with several podcasts listed.

Ask HN: Top three questions for a startup before accepting a job offer? (Hacker News Thread)

This Hacker News thread has some good thoughts and insights about how a person should approach their employment with a startup and how these considerations are different from working at a more traditional company.
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