TLDR Product Management 2024-07-09

Notion’s PLG iceberg 🧊, mistakes when setting up B2B referrals 💻, 12 product principles📍

Sidebar: the personal advisory board for product and startup leaders (Sponsor)

News & Trends

The 7 layers of Notion's PLG iceberg (5 minute read)

How Github grows and makes money (5 minute read)

The EU goes too far (18 minute read)

Opinions & Tutorials

Technology predictions – summer 2024 (8 minute read)

3 mistakes when setting up B2B referrals—and how to avoid them (4 minute read)

Resources & Tools

12 product principles by David Pereira (5 minute read)

How to train customer teams to get really useful feedback (15 minute read)

The B2B Product Manager's Guide to SaaS Integration Strategy (Sponsor)


Removing asymmetry of information (4 minute read)

Balance (7 minute read)

Quick Links

An example of including GTM in a PRD (2 minute read)

Product templates and frameworks (2 minute read)

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