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M2 MacBook Air 💻, iMessage edit & unsend 💬, fighting dev burnout 👨‍💻

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Big Tech & Startups

Apple WWDC 2022: the 16 biggest announcements (4 minute read)

Apple recently revealed news about macOS Ventura, iOS 16, the M2 chip, a new MacBook Air, and much more at WWDC 2022. iOS 16 will have a customizable lock screen, updated notifications, Live Activities, editable and unsendable texts in Messages, a Pay Later feature, Safety Checks, and more. watchOS 9 will come with new health-tracking features. The new MacBook Air will feature the new M2 chip, which offers an 18 percent performance upgrade when compared to the M1. macOS Ventura will feature an improved multitasking tool, Passkeys, and the ability to use an iPhone as a webcam. iPadOS 16 will have new multitasking and collaboration features. More details about the announcements are available in the article.

Hands-on with the new, more colorful, M2-powered MacBook Air (3 minute read)

Apple has revealed a new MacBook Air with an M2 chip. The new design is 11mm thick and weighs 2.7 pounds. There are two new color options, a dark blue 'midnight' and a light gold 'starlight'. Its 13.6-inch display can hit 500 nits of brightness and supports the P3 wide color gamut for a billion colors. The new MacBook Air has MagSafe charging and a full-sized Touch ID button. It has up to 18 hours of battery life. More details, including pictures of the new laptop, are available in the article.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Massive LNG tanker sails itself across the Pacific in shipping world first (2 minute read)

A 122,000-tonne ultra-large natural gas tanker is the first large ship to make an ocean passage of over 10,000 km under autonomous control. Prism Courage made the 33-day voyage from Texas to South Korea using an autonomous navigation system called HiNAS 2.0. HiNAS 2.0 steered the ship, calculated optimal routes and best speeds, and also located and avoided other ships. The system increased fuel efficiency by 7% and reduced greenhouse emissions by 5%. HiNAS 2.0 will be on the market by next year, pending official certifications.

Every Single Patient in This Small Experimental Drug Trial Saw Their Cancer Disappear (5 minute read)

Every patient in a small trial for a drug that treats rectal cancer had their cancer successfully go into remission. The drug is an immunotherapy drug already used in the treatment of endometrial cancer. It may be the first time that successful cancer remission was seen in every trial patient. The trial is still ongoing, so the success rate may be lower when the final results are tallied. The success of the trial may mean that an immunotherapy approach could be a viable option for treating other types of cancer.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Rulex (Website)

Rulex is a portable regular expression language. It transpiles Rulex expressions into normal regular expressions. Rulex supports Unicode, number ranges, and variables. It provides error messages that are informative. Examples are available.

gqt (GitHub Repo)

gqt is a GraphQL client that runs in the terminal. It allows developers to build and execute GraphQL queries from the terminal. A GIF demo is available.

The Modern Guide to OAuth - Free eBook (Sponsor)

Learn how OAuth is actually used in the real world. We cover topics like the eight common OAuth modes, how to use the Authorization Code grant, and why you should never use the implicit grant. Become an OAuth expert today! Download here.

Developer Burnout: Why It Happens and What We Can Do About It (11 minute read)

This article discusses burnout and ways to deal with it as a developer and as a manager looking after a team. Burnout can cause people to experience feelings of exhaustion, increased mental distance, demotivation, cynicism, and reduced professional efficacy. Being able to identify and name the factors that lead to burnout can help people find solutions to manage stress and avoid burnout. The article covers the definition of burnout, the internal and external factors that cause it, the different stages of burnout, how to measure burnout, and much more.

Dyson has been secretly building robots (2 minute read)

Dyson revealed secret robot prototypes at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Philadelphia. The prototypes included a robot arm with soft graspers and vacuum attachments. Dyson has been refitting an aircraft hanger in England for its robotics research. It has hired 250 robotics engineers and has plans to hire 700 more in the next five years. Dyson's goal is to create the UK's largest and most advanced robotics center and to bring the technology into homes by the end of the decade.

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