TLDR Marketing 2024-07-05

Amazon ads case study ๐Ÿ“บ, spot outrankable content ๐Ÿ”, startup growth lessons ๐Ÿ’ก

News & Trends

How fleeting memes, not memorable marketing, came to dominate the UK general election (12 minute read)

Interest in econometrics jumps as marketers anticipate the demise of cookies (4 minute read)

Strategies & Tactics

Three Signals of Poor Content That You Can Outrank (3 minute read)

3 ways to make your product more sticky (3 minute read)

Resources & Tools

ConvertKit is becoming Kit (Website)

Google Slides Tip: Turn any logo white (1 minute read)


How Hasbro drove brand lift and sales for Peppa Pig and Play-Doh with Prime Video ads (5 minute read)

Building an AI side hustle in an unfamiliar industry (6 minute read)

5 Lessons From My Newest Startup (4 minute read)

Quick Links

Coming redesign of Elon Musk's X will get rid of... a lot (3 minute read)

8 hard truths about retention (2 minute read)

I slacked off. Here's what it cost me (5 minute read)

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