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Gen Zs on Pinterest ๐Ÿ“Œ, email nurture framework ๐Ÿ“ง, building customer loyalty ๐Ÿ’—

News & Trends

Counterfeit goes cool: high-end brands urged to embrace rise of #dupe (4 minute read)

The rise of #dupe culture, driven by Gen Z's acceptance and promotion of cheaper alternatives to luxury products, is reshaping consumer behavior. Social media experts suggest that high-end brands should not fight this trend but rather use it to engage with a wider audience and strengthen their brand image. Brands like Lululemon and Olaplex have already seen success by incorporating dupe culture into their marketing efforts.

Pinterest's Gen Z Marketing Report (7 minute read)

Pinterest shared a series of insights on marketing to Gen Z based on first-party platform data and recent audience research. Gen Z is Pinterest's fastest-growing audience, making up more than 40% of its global monthly users. This generation uses the platform as a search engine, so brands should optimize their Pins for Pinterest search. Gen Z saves nearly 2.5x more Pins and makes 66% more boards than other generations, which means upper-funnel and retargeting campaigns can set the stage for lower-funnel success. 63% of weekly Gen Z Pinners say that they're โ€˜always shopping,' so brands should take advantage of ad formats like carousels and collections with direct links.
Strategies & Tactics

7 common and costly product messaging mistakesโ€”and how to avoid them (11 minute read)

Powerful product messaging is the backbone of a good marketing strategy. Your website should speak to one specific persona, not a range of segments. Instead of showing a long list of features on your homepage, it should describe the desirable transformation your product will create. Strong customer success stories, case studies, and any other third-party validation will bring validity to lofty promises. Moreover, a compelling and authentic brand personality goes a long way in differentiating your brand.

Three New Rules to Create Customer Loyalty (5 minute read)

This article outlines strategies for enhancing customer loyalty through personalized interactions, consistent service, and proactive engagement. Personalization includes offering tailored recommendations and exclusive offers. Consistency involves delivering reliable experiences across various channels. Proactive engagement focuses on anticipating customer needs and resolving issues before they escalate, achieved through monitoring customer behavior and feedback.

Email Nurture Framework (2 minute read)

This framework is useful for B2B marketers wanting to test a content-driven nurture. It involves asking questions before building your sequence, deciding on the type of content relevant to your audience (ie. a playbook, case study, framework), and incorporating content into every single email and followups. A sample of an email drip series is included.
Resources & Tools

TikTok Launches New Media Buying Certification (2 minute read)

TikTok announced a new media buying certification that allows digital marketers to highlight their expertise in TikTok advertising. Candidates who pass the exam will receive an official TikTok Media Buying Certification, which is valid for 2 years along with verifiable accreditation. There's no accompanying course (as is the case with the usual TikTok University offerings), but there is a 124-page study guide.

What's a marketing funnel and how to use it to optimize your website conversions (13 minute read)

Funnels come with a lot of nuances and are non-linear and non-time-bound in nature. Every business needs to define and optimize its own funnel uniquely. To optimize a marketing funnel, set a purpose for each stage of it and use data to understand what's not working. Build marketing strategies for each stage, keep refining your buyer personas, and audit your marketing assets.

The age of the employee social ambassador is here (5 minute read)

This article highlights the rise of employee social ambassadors, with examples of employees using their platforms to share brand experiences. Brands like Shake Shack are leveraging this trend by collaborating with employees and creators to create authentic content. Experts argue that instead of trying to control employee posts, companies should find ways to mitigate risks and harness the authenticity that employee ambassadors bring.

Key revenue trends for publishers, including Forbes, The Atlantic, The Guardian, and others (4 minute read)

Major publishers are exploring new revenue streams to combat declining ad revenues and subscription growth. Strategies like e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and social media partnerships are gaining traction. Companies such as Condรฉ Nast and The Independent are also diversifying their offerings and expanding globally.
Quick Links

3 Positioning Phases (2 minute read)

A chart breaking down the definitions, goals, and competitive alternatives of outcome-based, use case-based, and category-based positioning.

6 social media shifts so far (1 minute read)

These shifts include platforms preferring longer form content, creators switching click-bait hooks and quick edits for longer scenes and personality, and viewers experiencing trend fatigue.

Product Portfolio Template for PMs and PMMs (2 minute read)

A portfolio template to showcase projects and improve job applications.
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