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News & Trends

Instagram Says Posting Longer Reels Can Hurt Your Performance (2 minute read)

Instagram's content team has warned marketers about posting Reels longer than 90 seconds, citing potential negative impacts on distribution within the app. The platform's evolving stance on content length optimization highlights the need for creators to pivot their strategies accordingly to ensure maximum visibility and engagement on Instagram.

Millennials, Gen Z twice as likely to get financial advice online (3 minute read)

Millennials and Gen Z prefer seeking financial advice online over financial professionals. They're twice as likely to try popular β€œfinancial hack” trends from social media. 62% of millennials and Gen Z have tried at least one of the following trends: the β€œno-spend” challenge, extreme couponing, cash stuffing, and maximizing credit card rewards. Gen Z are also more willing to invest in cryptocurrency or NFTs than stocks. These financial behaviors emphasize the need for brands to engage with younger demographics where they're most active and receptive.
Strategies & Tactics

How KURU Footwear Earned 100+ Links with Digital PR (7 minute read)

KURU Footwear created a study of the longest and shortest airport walks in the U.S. It resulted in 25 links over DA 80 (including Yahoo, MSN, USA Today, AOL, and Travel+Leisure), 60 syndications, and a total of 125 backlinks. The team used a survey to collect the data, then produced graphics featuring the results. They used Buzzstream to build media outreach lists by reporter location and then pitched the campaign to journalists.

Tracking and updating evergreen content (7 minute read)

This article includes a guide and spreadsheet template to manage evergreen content effectively. It emphasizes the importance of conducting keyword research, competitor analysis, and content audits to inform content updates effectively. It also highlights best practices for content refreshment, including incorporating multimedia elements, optimizing on-page elements, and promoting updated content across channels.
Resources & Tools

56 Google Search Statistics to Bookmark (5 minute read)

A roundup of Google Search stats that covers local and mobile search, Google Ads, Google Discover, and more. Some interesting stats: 62% of desktop searches and 34% of mobile searches result in no clicks, Reddit is the most popular domain for product review queries, and 49% of Gen Z women use Google as their search engine (the rest use TikTok).

4 Google Ads Scripts to Free Up Time (3 minute read)

Scripts are code snippets that work behind the scenes and free up time for account strategy and critical optimizations. The Change History Alerts script notifies you when changes are made to a Google Ads account with multiple users. The Pmax Search Terms and Categories script makes it easy to see search queries that triggered ads in Performance Max campaigns. The PMax insights script provides percentage of spend by channel (Shopping, Video, Display, and Search/Other), cost and conversion metrics by campaign and network, and performance by asset group. The RSA Checker script finds ad groups without active responsive search ads.

EA Reportedly Considering Implementing In-Game Ads in AAA Titles (2 minute read)

EA is considering a more aggressive in-game ad policy for its AAA games. The announcement has stirred controversy among fans, given EA's history of facing backlash over intrusive ad practices, such as the controversial update to The Sims 4 earlier this year.

Navigating Growth Models: Product, Marketing, and Sales-Led (10 minute read)

Product, marketing, and sales-led models differ in terms of which function is responsible for driving company growth. Over the past few years, PLG has become very popular, but one growth model might fit a product better than another. Companies often combine models in practice, especially when they grow. This article walks through the strengths and weaknesses of each model, as well as tips for succeeding as an employee within each one.

The Marketing Game: How to turn marketing into a step-by-step game (8 minute read)

This guide shows how to turn marketing into a step-by-step process for business growth. Divided into 4 levels, it begins with setting up a marketing strategy and progresses through planning and execution. Each level stresses the need for a clear target audience, a solid value prop, and consistent messaging throughout the marketing journey. The aim is to integrate marketing experiments into long-term, fully integrated programs.
Quick Links

Killing the Ad-Based Web (4 minute read)

Apple's impending rollout of an AI-powered ad-blocking feature in Safari has sparked a contentious debate within the publishing industry.

Instagram expands its creator marketplace to 10 new countries (1 minute read)

The new regions include South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Israel, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, and Indonesia.

5 Top Marketing Campaigns via Grad Girl (1 minute read)

5 trending campaigns from McDonald's and F*ck Being Humble for Mental Health Awareness Week.
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