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Growth at Dropbox 🚀, brute force marketing 👊, re-engagement emails 💌

News & Trends

Inside the debate among marketers for and against virtual influencers (5 minute read)

Virtual influencers are sometimes used instead of human influencers as a means to reach new audiences and showcase new levels of innovation that companies have to offer. The rise of AI and the growth of the creator economy have sparked a resurgence in marketers' interest in these digital personas. The arguments for virtual influencers include low production costs, schedule flexibility, and control over content. Those against cite the high costs for the tech, lack of authenticity or emotion, and potential rate declines for human influencers.

Google Shopping Ads get conversion annotations (1 minute read)

Google is encouraging merchants to enable “conversion annotations” – social proof badges that highlight a product's purchase popularity when displayed in Google Shopping ads. Conversion annotations like “best selling” or “1K shopped here recently” provide visual cues about a product's sales performance directly in the ad unit.
Strategies & Tactics

Maximizing Content Creation Around Events (2 minute read)

While repurposing event content is common, companies today are creating net-new content during events. AudiencePlus generated 112 pieces of content with 16 speakers in 12 hours at its event. It planned the event with the digital view in mind. It had 1 camera person for every 20 people at the event, used speakers for additional interviews throughout the day, and all speakers were encouraged to stream their session to their own LI feeds. UserEvidence turned a 2-day event into 8+ months' worth of content. The brand fueled its content calendar for 3 quarters with the 12 interviews it landed for the event.

The Pros & Cons of Long-Term Influencer Partnerships (15 minute read)

The benefits of long-term influencer partnerships include cost and time efficiency and predictability. Implementing trial periods, pitching transparently to creators, and setting clear criteria for continuation will mitigate risks. To manage creative and audience fatigue, consider diversifying creative angles, adding incentives, and spacing out activations. Long-term partnerships also don't have to mean 1 year long contracts. Consider negotiating shorter terms for 3 months at a time.

Brute Force Marketing: A bulletproof way to acquire more customers (2 minute read)

Brute-Force Marketing entails using your own product on behalf of potential customers and then gifting them the results as if they were already using it. This requires a lot of manual, non-scalable work, but it is a bullet-proof way to boost your acquisition rates. This author recommends identifying potential customers on LinkedIn and then DMing them the ‘gift.' This tactic works because it's unique and personalized, it shows tangible value, and your labor invested makes your product seem more valuable.
Resources & Tools

10 Re-Engagement Email Examples to Win Back Customers & Subject Lines (6 minute read)

This guide covers 10 re-engagement campaigns from brands like Adidas, Bellroy, and Nordstrom Rack. Limited-time offers, questionnaires, exclusive incentives and discounts are a few of the examples provided. It also outlines what a 4 part re-engagement email workflow should include over a 2-week period.

What Are Zero-Click Searches & How Do They Impact SEO? (9 minute read)

25.6% of desktop searches and 17.3% of mobile searches result in zero clicks. These occur when users find answers directly on the search engine results page (SERP), eliminating the need to click on a link. While these searches can enhance brand visibility, they may also result in decreased web traffic. Marketers should target keywords that trigger SERP features like local packs, featured snippets, and People Also Ask (PAA) boxes to maximize click potential and brand awareness.

The case for those sometimes-tricky customer success stories—and how to get them (6 minute read)

Customer success stories are integral to B2B tech marketing, yet many companies struggle to consistently collect and present them. Businesses should prioritize case studies by securing buy-in from sales teams and endorsing co-marketing clauses in contracts. Make it easy for customers to participate by providing a clear outline of the process, keeping interviews short, and handling the writing.

Fear of standing out: Why brands are scared to push (colorful) boundaries (4 minute read)

Many brands in the food and drink industry avoid embracing bold colors due to the fear of standing out too much. They tend to opt for safer, neutral choices instead. This fear stems from a desire to avoid criticism and maintain conformity. Brand marketers should embrace what hasn't been seen, the colors that surprise. There should be a movement towards the unknown, rather than shying away from it for fear of getting it wrong.

Growth at Dropbox: An Inside Look (7 minute read)

Any analysis explaining the history of product-led growth will likely feature Dropbox, as it played a foundational role in creating concepts like viral marketing. The Growth team at the company has two functions: Growth Product Management and Data. Its core metrics cover Acquisition (total sign-ups and B2B sign-ups), Activation (set up and habit), Monetization (trial starts and free-to-paid conversion), and Engagement (weekly active users and month 12 retention). This article discusses team culture, common misconceptions, and more from the perspective of Dropbox's Growth team's leader.
Quick Links

Google Search results without SGE jump to 65%, up from 25% (2 minute read)

The number of Google search queries without SGE results has significantly increased and SGE answers now take up less pixel space.

The Art of Storytelling: Write Killer Stories That Everybody Wants To Read (7 minute read)

Three essential factors lead to great content: newsworthiness, credibility, and uniqueness.

Apple's ‘Crush' ad is disgusting (3 minute read)

Apple's latest ad for the new iPad Pro, titled “Crush”, sparked controversy for its depiction of crushing analog creative tools into the device.
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