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News & Trends

OpenAI's Strategy for Publisher Partnerships Unveiled in Leaked Deck (3 minute read)

OpenAI's Preferred Publisher Program offers editorial partners priority placement and enhanced brand expression in ChatGPT conversations, alongside financial incentives structured into guaranteed and variable values. By facilitating access to publishers' content, OpenAI aims to improve user engagement with the platform while providing publishers with opportunities for increased visibility and revenue.

Social Media Marketers Need to Focus More on Entertainment (4 minute read)

Social media marketing has evolved to prioritize entertainment over interaction. This was heavily influenced by TikTok's emphasis on public posting and content consumption time. Today's social media algorithms also prioritize entertaining content over divisive or argumentative posts. This shift has led to a decline in engagement and interaction on platforms like FB and IG, despite increased time spent on AI-commended content.
Strategies & Tactics

How to update content: 5 SEO examples and one big mistake (15 minute read)

Bloggers who update old articles are twice as likely to report β€œstrong results” from content marketing, according to an annual blogger survey. This strategy enables marketers to get better results with less effort compared to creating new content from scratch. The best content to refresh includes articles that almost rank high, articles that are at risk of being surpassed by rivals, articles that created a lot of buzz when they were first published, and research articles that have gone out of date. This post includes tips for how to update and re-promote content, as well as 5 case studies on refreshed content.

How to turn your ideal customer's pain points into entry points (5 minute read)

An entry point is that pivotal moment when a prospective customer feels intense pain from a problem that your solution could instantly alleviate β€” if only they were aware it existed. This article provides a 6 step process to identify these entry points, which can then be used to plan marketing and sales activities. The process involves defining your ICP and buyer personas, articulating triggers, customer journey mapping, and entry point mapping.

8 tips in creating a content strategy (2 minute read)

First, test different AI apps, platforms, or products that'll help scale production without sacrificing quality. Then, put together an audit and internal repository of content and resources. Repurpose that content and create a workflow that's able to post content to LinkedIn for internal SMEs and thought leaders based on their niche, expertise, and voice. At the same time, fill content gaps based on customer research. Turn transcripts from audio-visual recordings into content for the company blog. Instead of ebooks, white papers, and one-pagers, optimize landing pages that convert and ensure they're always driving people to the what's-next step.
Resources & Tools

Atria (Tool)

Atria is an AI platform for ad creation workflows. You can make ads with over 500 templates, search over 6 million ads from the best brands on Meta and TikTok, and create scripts in minutes. A 5-day free trial is available.

Maximizing Your Conference Impact: A Strategic Guide + 2 Templates (4 minute read)

Industry events can be one of the top-performing marketing activities for many B2B companies. To maximize your impact, it's critical to have a clear action plan, a regular cross-functional team meeting with sufficient C-Suite visibility, and assigned ownership and goals. This article includes a planning process template and a conference project plan template.

The Marketing Strategy Behind AppsFlyer's Rise to $2 Billion (9 minute read)

AppsFlyer, a leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics, achieved a $2 billion valuation by building a great tool and backing it with a thoughtful marketing strategy. The brand knows how to create content worth sharing and has embraced a wide-net distribution strategy. AppsFlyer invests heavily in social media, including Facebook and Instagram, as well as developer content on Medium. Its website includes a glossary, which brings in significant unbranded content and backlinks. The brand has created in-depth resource content, which brings in less volume but higher value traffic.

Instagram beats TikTok for video-based user acquisition, survey finds (3 minute read)

When asked to split their user acquisition spend between Instagram and TikTok, 79% of respondents allotted at least 75% of their budget to Instagram. The survey was conducted in February and March 2024, before U.S. lawmakers approved a bill requiring TikTok to separate from its Chinese ownership or face a potential ban in the country. This marketer preference may be due to the perception that Meta is more advertiser-friendly.
Quick Links

3 Persuasion Techniques You Should Know (5 minute read)

3 scientifically proven tactics that actually persuade others: asking for future commitment, showing how the majority acts, and asking the right question.

6 Tips to Grow Pipeline (1 minute read)

A CMO shares 6 tactics she used to 10X revenue in 2 years.

Sendlane: Email & SMS on May 14 (Webinar)

A webinar featuring the founders of Orzy Media and Sendlane sharing retention tactics, brand strategies, and actionable insights for email and SMS marketing efforts. Registration is free.
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