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Report finds that Big Tech's ad monitoring tools are failing miserably (4 minute read)

The failure of Big Tech's ad monitoring tools underscores the urgent need for substantial improvements in ad transparency and accountability. Marketers face the daunting task of navigating through convoluted and inadequate tools, which hampers efforts to combat scams and disinformation effectively. Some of the monitoring issues reported include ads missing from repositories, poor search functionality, and inconsistent public access to information.

Digital ad revenue defied economic challenges to grow 7.3% in 2023 (4 minute read)

Digital ad revenue hit $225 billion in 2023, up 7.3% from the year prior, defying many negative economic indicators. Q4 saw the largest jump in spending, up 12.3% to $64.5 billion, likely due to increased holiday spending. The ad channels with the highest growth are audio advertising revenue (+18.9%), retail media (+16.3%), and video (+10.6%). Channels with “privacy by design solutions” will likely outpace the market going forward.
Strategies & Tactics's high-converting SaaS landing page analysis (1 minute read)

A breakdown of's landing page, which is optimized for SEO. The page contains a clean site structure with easy navigation, social proof from top brands, multiple H2s breaking down key features and benefits, and a FAQ section with tutorial videos for users at different awareness stages.

3-Step Product Marketing Strategy Framework (2 minute read)

Before even using this framework, ensure your product has PMF. Then conduct research on your target customer, competitors, and market. This will help to power positioning and messaging. Positioning is the place a product occupies in people's minds. Messaging is used to communicate the positioning to customers. A narrative is a story that stitches everything together to make it stick. Create a GTM plan that considers the specific channels customers are most likely to find your product, price and package the product to ensure it matches the perceived value, and enable internal teams to communicate the value of the product to customers.
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Feature vs. Product vs. Solution vs. Platform (2 minute read)

There are differences between features, products, solutions, and platforms. One or the other can change the intensity of a launch strategy or change the audience, scope, and angle of messaging. This post contains a table that breaks down the definition, persona, messaging emphasis, and success metric for each item.

12 Father's Day marketing examples to inspire your next campaign (17 minute read)

This year's Father's Day falls on June 16. This guide contains 12 examples to help you plan your next Father's Day email or SMS campaign. Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream uses a Father's Day opt-out campaign to recognize difficult emotions as the day may stir up feelings of loss and distress for some. The company uses a sign-up form to collect email addresses for a suppression list. For brands that don't sell products that typically suit dads, Function of Beauty (a shampoo brand) does a great job conveying through email copy that “hair goals know no gender”.

How a Successful Website Migration Led to a 20% Increase in Keyword Rankings (10 minute read)

This article discusses the successful transition from YNAP (YOOX Net-a-Porter) to Shopify for a luxury fashion brand. The move resulted in a notable 20% increase in keyword rankings by enhancing scalability and addressing platform limitations. By optimizing the website architecture, the brand not only maintained its domain authority but also positioned itself for sustained organic growth. The article covers in detail each step of the transition highlighting the close collaboration between marketers and developers.

Use "Search Market Share" to get SEO buy-in from C-suite (2 minute read)

Marketers often use metrics such as links, site speed, and monthly search volume when trying to get buy-in for particular initiatives, but these terms may not land with an executive team. Using "Search Market Share" is a better way to communicate the value of investing in search and directly pits your search performance against competitors. This post explains how to calculate this metric for your website and competitors using tools like Ahrefs.

Dialpad's Area Code SEO Moat: How to Rank for 50K Keywords (7 minute read)

Dialpad is a cloud-based voice call platform that has reached $200 million in annual recurring revenue. One of the brand's growth levers has been its hundreds of area code pages, which bring in new SEO traffic and valuable leads. The page template is highly structured with concise and accurate information, which allows these pages to rank so effectively despite not having a significant word count, high domain rating, or many backlinks. The brand maximizes conversions from this traffic by using unambiguous CTAs, running A/B tests, and customizing the content for higher-value area codes.
Quick Links

What's the point of lavish influencer trips? (2 minute read)

This post explains how and why brands like Tarte Cosmetics spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on influencer trips.

TikTok Teams With AXS to Let Artists, Venues, and Festivals Sell Concert Tickets in the App (2 minute read)

TikTok's partnership with AXS will enable users to discover and purchase live event tickets directly within its app.

How PPC marketers can stay relevant and thrive in the Age of AI (7 minute read)

AI automates much of the fundamentals in PPC at this point, so marketers can bring the most value to ad campaigns by developing a deeper understanding of the business funnel and building complementary marketing skills outside of PPC.
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