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News & Trends

AI spam is winning the battle against search engine quality (1 minute read)

AI-generated content is becoming a big problem in Google Search results. About 10% of Google results now consist of AI content, posing challenges for Google's algorithms. There are concerns that this may lead to a collapse in model quality as AIs feed on each other's output.

Gen Z is the most unhappy generation ever (2 minute read)

Gen Z, born between 1996 and 2005, is experiencing high levels of unhappiness. This is largely attributed to smartphones and social media. Data shows a concerning increase in depression rates among this generation, prompting calls for regulation of smartphone usage. The shift towards a โ€œphone-based childhoodโ€ has led to decreased social interaction, increased loneliness, and a decline in ambition among Gen Z.
Strategies & Tactics

Use Gamification to Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns (12 minute read)

Gamification encourages customers to engage with an ad or site, and can also increase the likelihood that they'll recall a particular product or service when they need it next. It's also an effective strategy for collecting first-party data. This article walks through 10 types of gamification to use in campaigns, including puzzles, virtual badges, and leaderboards.

20 Neuromarketing Techniques & Triggers for Better-Converting Copy (11 minute read)

Neuromarketing merges neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, and marketing to understand and influence consumer behavior. This article describes how to apply neuromarketing to your copywriting and other marketing activities to improve engagement and conversion. The techniques include creating a common enemy, incorporating genuine flattery, and creating urgency through limited availability tactics.

SEO for Email: How to Make Emails Searchable in the Inbox (10 minute read)

Enhancing the searchability of your emails is crucial for optimizing the customer experience and ensuring that important information is easily accessible. There are multiple strategies that can be used, including adding alt text to images, using live text for critical content, and using consistent keywords throughout your emails.
Resources & Tools

Adobe Generative AI Video Tools Are Coming to Premiere Pro (3 minute read)

Adobe is set to introduce generative AI tools into Premiere Pro, including features like Generative Extend, Object Addition and Removal, and Text to Video. It aims to enhance the editing process by seamlessly integrating AI technology directly into the platform, with a focus on providing real-time solutions and streamlining workflows for video editors.

Squarespace adds subscription features to enable recurring revenue from content (2 minute read)

Squarespace has launched subscription features to help its users earn revenue from their content. Users can generate revenue from their articles by adding a paywall to their blog, setting the price, and choosing a one-time fee or recurring subscription. Video creators can monetize content by charging for access to their library or placing a paywall directly on a video player. Squarespace users can sell individual pieces of content or bundle various content types.

14 Amazing Large Company Blogs To Inspire Your Content Marketing (7 minute read)

This article offers a roundup of 14 company blogs to serve as inspiration. From niche segmentation and employee contributions to authentic storytelling and actionable tips, the blogs adopt different approaches to keep customers engaged. Examples include IKEA Ideas that share advice with subtle product suggestions, Home Depot's DIY Projects, and Fiverr Guides that offer simple how-tos targeting SMBs.

After the UMG/TikTok breakup, some creators say they are struggling (4 minute read)

Some music creators on TikTok have been struggling after the expiration of Universal Music Group's licensing agreement in February. Creators are experiencing challenges in creating content due to the absence of UMG songs, leading to financial losses and the need to explore alternative platforms. Smaller artists distributed by UMG have also been facing limitations in promoting their music on TikTok.

1Password's Winning Investment: Partners, Community, Content (5 minute read)

1Password has surpassed $250 million in ARR despite existing in a competitive market. The brand is able to keep up with industry leaders like LastPass and BitWarden by using partnerships, community, and content. With over 1.5 million backlinks pointing to its site, 1Password is a prime example of the marketing boost a brand gets from strategic alliances and smart placements. The brand has also invested in owned community channels, such as Reddit and its own forum, which generate traffic and also keep users happy.
Quick Links

Elon Musk plans to charge new X users to enable posting (2 minute read)

The introduction of the new fee is meant to address the issue of bots infiltrating the social network.

How one company grew revenue 50% in 6 months thanks to SEO (6 minute read)

Its strategy focused on quality bottom-of-funnel pages, a well-designed blog post template, and backlink growth.
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