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April Fools’ pranks 🙈, future of user research 👥, LI headline tips 🪄

News & Trends

Does Your Business Really Need a Marketing Stunt on April Fools’ Day (4 minute read)

Many businesses feel pressured into tapping into every holiday without having a specific reason. It’s important to build an annual cultural calendar and choose the moments that are most relevant to your brand and audience. While small businesses may lack the resources of larger corporations, they can still leverage psychological tricks like emotional attachment and brand association to showcase their brand in a new light during holidays like April Fools’ Day.

The Future Of User Research: Expert Insights and Key Trends (8 minute read)

The demand for user research is growing as brands face uncertain times and aim to mitigate risk in their strategies. Non-researchers, such as marketers and product designers, are increasingly conducting user research. This research democratization results in a greater impact on decision-making. New AI tools are allowing teams to scale their user research by automating analysis, transcription, and other tasks.
Strategies & Tactics

How to scale your subscription app on Meta Ads (3 minute read)

This post describes an optimal Meta Ads account design for a US-focused subscription app. The account foundation is built on Manual App Ads and all ad sets use bid caps. Trial conversion tends to be low for younger audiences, so users ages 18-24 are excluded on an account level and there is limited spend on users aged 25-34. To reach the goal of targeting older audiences, the account prioritizes Facebook Feed as the top placement, followed by IG Feed for scale.

How to Write Your LinkedIn Headline (2 minute read)

Your LinkedIn headline is a big part of your first impression online. This guide shares a step-by-step process, best practices, templates, and examples to enhance your profile's impact and engagement.
Resources & Tools

Discord starts down the dangerous road of ads this week (4 minute read)

Discord is introducing Sponsored Quests as a cautious step into the realm of advertising. It offers PC gamers in-game rewards for getting friends to watch a stream of them playing through Discord. Companies like LucasFilms and Epic tested it last year. The launch marks a departure from Discord's long-standing anti-ad stance as it used to be one of its key differentiators from traditional social media platforms.

I Posted LinkedIn Carousels for a Week—Here’s What Happened (3 minute read)

This article breaks down the author’s experiment of posting PDF carousels daily on their LinkedIn profile for 6 days. Results showed that a combination of visuals with concise and insightful text performed the best. Slides that broke down complex ideas into digestible visuals and bullet points captured more attention. The carousels also fostered many in-depth discussions and personal stories shared by the audience via the comment threads. The author found that the payoff in engagement and visibility justified the upfront investment in design (via Canva).

More than half of shoppers would use generative AI for clothing purchases (2 minute read)

71% of customers are confident in using AI to virtually try on products before buying. This indicates the potential for AI to streamline decision-making processes in online retail. The top generative AI use cases consumers look forward to are automating product filters based on customer needs, creating customized items, and summarizing product reviews.

How Liquid Death Became a Social Media Sensation with Edgy, Absurdist Marketing (3 minute read)

Liquid Death’s absurdist, anti-corporate persona has redefined the boundaries of social media. By positioning water as an alternative to alcohol in music venues and bars, the brand has connected with a counterculture audience drawn to its edgy, provocative imagery and messaging. Liquid Death’s multifaceted social content strategy prioritizes traditional high-quality video ads with user-generated content, influencer collaborations, and behind-the-scenes glimpses over overt advertising.

New GTM Benchmark: 56% of companies missed revenue goals (3 minute read)

Benchmarks show that more than half of companies fell short of their revenue goals last year, suggesting that companies should immediately invest in marketing and sales to avoid a soft performance in 2024. Companies have been struggling to predict pipelines accurately and accelerate sales cycles. The trend was observed across various business segments and is expected to continue throughout the year.
Quick Links

Walmart’s ad growth playbook involves winning more non-endemic brands (3 minute read)

Marketplace sellers and smaller brands are gaining access to Walmart’s on-site display advertising through the company’s self-service ad platform beginning this month.

April Fools' Day: 8 brands that dropped cringey online pranks (2 minute read)

From X's 'transparency' stunt to Oreo's cookie 'divorce', April Fools' Day saw many brands testing the limits of humor.

How Marketing Funnels Work (2 minute read)

A table that outlines the goals and tactics of each marketing funnel in the TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU stages.
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