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News & Trends

YouTube dominates TV streaming in US (1 minute read)

YouTube has reclaimed its position as the top streaming service in the U.S., with 8.6% of viewing on television screens. Meanwhile, Netflix saw 7.9% of TV usage. The platform’s daily average of over 1 billion hours watched on TVs suggest a preference for UGC, particularly among Gen Z viewers. YouTube creators are experiencing a significant increase in TV viewership, with top YouTubers witnessing a more than 400% surge in watch time.

Walmart isn’t buying Vizio for its hardware. It wants the TV maker’s ad business (4 minute read)

Walmart is acquiring Vizio for $2.3B in cash. This transaction will give Walmart a foothold in the smart-TV advertising business, allowing it to more directly compete with Amazon, Roku, and Google. Walmart wants to operate Vizio as a fully owned brand and closely integrate it with its Connect advertising business. This strategy mirrors Amazon’s strategy of leveraging its e-commerce platform and Fire TV devices for advertising revenue generation.
Strategies & Tactics

Using Social Proof to Influence User Behavior (4 minute read)

Social proof is a shortcut people take to determine how to act by relying on what others are doing. It can manifest in different ways, including word of mouth, social equity from experts, certification, or approval by an authority. This case study discusses how different brands like Masterclass, Amazon, and Arc Browser are using it to influence customer behavior.

Repositioning: How to Turn Your Strengths Into Profitable Growth (5 minute read)

Repositioning is the process of refocusing the capabilities on the right challenge and redefining the value proposition. This article shares Swatch's origin story. The Swiss watch industry faced a crisis in the 80s due to the rise of Japanese quartz technology that threatened its traditional mechanical watches. Swiss watchmakers responded by repositioning their capabilities and creating the Swatch — a colorful, disposable fashion accessory that appealed to a new market segment. This successful repositioning, achieved by refocusing internal capabilities and offering a compelling value prop, saved the Swiss watch industry from collapsing.

12 Low Budget B2B Marketing Tactics (2 minute read)

This post contains 12 low-cost B2B marketing tactics, including 4 that cost $0. Make a list of 20 accounts, then record and send personalized Loom videos with a free audit. Start a weekly newsletter on Substack to build your email list. Partner with 3 B2B micro-influencers in your industry. The post also contains 9 rules for early-stage B2B growth.
Resources & Tools

You should be playing with GPTs at work (11 minute read)

This article walks through how to build custom GPTs and provides 20 examples of how people are using them for work. Some of the use cases include conversing with personas, creating and analyzing experiment copy, and generating takeaways from raw survey results.

Why Social Media SEO Is A Thing In 2024 (8 minute read)

Some brands are shifting focus from traditional SEO tactics to mastering the social media landscape. Leveraging keywords, visual content, and engagement strategies on various platforms is essential. It can help companies boost organic traffic, improve brand reputation, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

TikTok Playbook: Creative Ideation for SMBs (2 minute read)

TikTok released a 34-page guide on its marketing strategy. The guide offers insights on how to enhance video content creation and maximize impact on the platform. It provides tips and links to TikTok tools to optimize your approach and leverage new platform features effectively. Suggestions range from maximizing the first 3-6 seconds of your videos to leveraging TikTok's latest automation and AI-powered tools. An email is required for download.

Your "TAM" is Why I Have Trust Issues (8 minute read)

Most estimates of Total Addressable Market (TAM) lack analytical credibility or real-world applicability. Quoting a massive TAM with a top-down approach can hurt a company, especially if it’s taken from a third-party source without any analytical rigor. An overly simplistic calculation of price and sale quantity might seem better, but it still lacks the appropriate depth. To complete a more accurate TAM analysis, consider the insertion point of your product, the relative level of competition, the market’s maturity, and the time to capture.

Mastering the Art of Top-of-the-Funnel Strategies (5 minute read)

This article discusses top-of-the-funnel strategies to spark brand loyalty and drive conversions in 2024. Companies can foster curiosity and desire in their target audiences by setting powerful branding and a clear content strategy. It’s important to develop a clear value proposition and make sure it is distributed through the right channels. The strategy must be constantly measured and optimized, which requires focusing on the right metrics depending on business objectives.
Quick Links

Let’s Talk About Consent and the Future of Permission-Based Marketing (4 minute read)

Ethical permission-based marketing (EPBM) empowers users to define and control their relationship with a brand’s marketing communications.

Which Super Bowl ads drove the strongest online response? (1 minute read)

An analysis of the impact Super Bowl ads had on social media engagement, trending keywords, and web traffic for each brand.

Coach pairs virtual influencer with real celebs Lil Nas X, Camila Mendes (2 minute read)

Coach launched a campaign, “Find Your Courage,” that pairs virtual influencer ‘imma’ with celebrity ambassadors Lil Nas X, Camila Mendes, Youngji Lee, and Kōki. The campaign looks to engage younger consumers around the complexities of identity and self-expression.
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