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News & Trends

Celebrities and Brands: It’s Time to BeReal (4 minute read)

RealPeople and RealBrands are now live on BeReal. Notable celebrity accounts include Niall Horan, Joe Jonas, and Dixie D’Amelio. RealBrands accounts are supposed to include “real, spontaneous moments” – not ads. The app suggests brands post content such as a photo of the set-up for a big event or someone from a product team holding a prototype for the first time.

Podcasters can now upload their RSS feed to YouTube (1 minute read)

Podcast creators can now submit their RSS feeds to YouTube and YouTube Music. Other platforms only make RSS feeds available for listeners, whereas YouTube takes episodes from an RSS feed and turns them into YouTube videos. This benefits audio-first podcasters since YouTube automatically takes an uploaded RSS feed and creates videos with the podcast’s show art as a static image.
Strategies & Tactics

The 6 M’s of an Organic Social Marketing Strategy (9 minute read)

This guide shares a 6-step social media strategy framework based on the book “Organic Social Media” by Jenny Li Fowler. The framework is centered on organically nurturing “base fans” rather than continually chasing new channels with no retention. It’s broken down into the 6 M’s: defining the Mission, crafting compelling Messages, creating a Process Management system, evaluating each Medium, tracking Metrics, and Monitoring conversations.

Connect with Your Ideal Audience with LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads (2 minute read)

The founder of Fame, a B2B podcast agency, posts thought leader content on his personal LinkedIn account and then boosts high-performing posts with LinkedIn Ads. He promotes these posts to a specific audience based on emails gathered from an AI-assisted targeting tool. This results in better-performing ads and more inbound leads.

How to Boost Your Sales with a 7-Step Referral Marketing Plan (9 minute read)

The 7 steps in building out a referral program include calculating the cost of acquisition (CAC), defining successful referrals, choosing rewards, defining the reward structure, and tracking progress. This post breaks down common structures for referral rewards including double-sided vs. single-sided campaigns, tiered rewards, and commission-based rewards. It also highlights key metrics to measure including the participation rate, referral rate, and ROI.
Resources & Tools

17 High-Converting Landing Page Examples for Inspiration (27 minute read)

This article contains high-converting landing page examples and best practices sourced from 37 companies. Effective landing pages are optimized for speed, have clear and prominent CTAs, and have had A/B tests conducted for various page elements. Additionally, they contain informative copywriting and engaging visuals or multimedia content.

Spy on Your Competitors' Ads: 3 Essential Tools (1 minute read)

LinkedIn Ad Library is ideal for B2B marketers to analyze competitors’ messaging and targeting approaches on the platform. Google Ads Transparency enables you to gain insights into the ad copy and offers that work for your industry. Facebook Ad Library allows you to view your competitors' active Facebook and Instagram ads.

10 Ways to Hook People (7 minute read)

This detailed guide compiles the best ways to hook people and get their attention. It delves into 10 tactics, drawing from an analysis of thousands of viral posts and offering practical examples. A great hook is especially relevant on social media posts, YouTube videos, and presentations. Examples include leveraging credibility, inducing fear, sparking curiosity, presenting counter-narratives, and using eloquence.

Are Ads Manager Results Too Good to Be True? (10 minute read)

Ads Manager sometimes presents results that seem too good to be true, prompting advertisers to question their validity. Reasons for potential results inflation include over-reporting, discrepancies in attribution settings, and the possibility of event duplication or overcounting. This article suggests validating results through real-world comparison, checking attribution settings, and ensuring event tracking accuracy to confirm the data from the Ads Manager.
Quick Links

This 'Medical Condition' was literally Invented By Marketers (2 minute read)

By medicalizing bad breath as "halitosis," Listerine ingeniously transformed a common concern into a perceived medical condition. The move boosted sales significantly and set a precedent for marketing strategies that capitalize on consumer anxieties.

Google debuts more powerful “Ultra 1.0” AI model in rebranded “Gemini” chatbot (5 minute read)

Google is introducing its enhanced AI model, "Ultra 1.0," as part of the rebranded "Gemini Advanced". Gemini is also coming to Google Workspace apps like Gmail, Docs, and Sheets.

Bluesky barrels toward 1 million new sign-ups in a day (2 minute read)

Bluesky witnessed a remarkable influx of users within just a day of leaving its invitation-only beta phase, with over 850,000 new sign-ups.
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