TLDR Founders 2024-07-08

The Little Tech Agenda 🎯, Emotion-Drive SEO 🔍, No Rules Rules 💪

Headlines & Trends

Zuckerberg and Thiel on Millenials (6 minute read)

The Little Tech Agenda (7 minute read)

Declining Growth (5 minute read)

Strategies & Tactics

Free Trials Are Dying for SaaS B2B (3 minute read)

Emotion-Driven SEO (7 minute read)

How GitHub Grows and Makes Money (9 minute read)

Tools & Resources

Product Onboarding (Website)

10 Books for Founders, by Founders (3 minute read)

MindPal (Tool)


Usefulness Grounds Truth (5 minute read)

With Nothing to Do (4 minute read)

No Rules Rules (8 minute read)

Quick Links

A System for Streamlined Decisions (2 minute read)

What's The Average Size at Which a SaaS Company Will Typically Get Acquired? (2 minute read)

How Much Is Sold in a SAFE Round? (1 minute read)

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