TLDR DevOps 2024-07-08

Authy Hack 🥷, Mastering Terraform Workflows 🛰️, KubeEdge Meets Cilium 💻

News & Trends

Authy got hacked, and 33 million user phone numbers were stolen (1 minute read)

Debian's curl now supports HTTP3 (4 minute read)

Opinions & Tutorials

Mastering Terraform Workflows: apply-before-merge vs apply-after-merge (8 minute read)

Leveraging OpenAI to Enhance Pull Request Management in Azure DevOps (11 minute read)


KubeEdge meets Cilium (10 minute read)

Notes for new hires (4 minute read)

Reasons to use your shell's job control (6 minute read)

Quick Links

Self-Hosted Pulumi Cloud Support for Resource Search and Pulumi Deployments (4 minute read)

Regresshion vulnerability: Recommended actions and steps we've taken (7 minute read)

Using OpenTelemetry to monitor Apache Airflow (9 minute read)

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