TLDR DevOps 2024-07-05

Declare your AIndependence 🪄, TypeScript 5.5 📜, Migrating to On-Prem ☁️

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News & Trends

Declare your AIndependence: block AI bots, scrapers, and crawlers with a single click in Cloudflare (7 minute read)

Announcing TypeScript 5.5 (23 minute read)

Opinions & Tutorials

Tagging AWS resources the right way using Terraform (7 minute read)

Cache Optimization on NextJS Without Vercel (11 minute read)

From Cloud Chaos to FreeBSD Efficiency (9 minute read)


Current OpenTofu contributors vs. pledged FTEs (4 minute read)

Unlocking Efficiency and Performance: Navigating the Spark 3 and EMR 6 Upgrade Journey at Slack (10 minute read)

Quick Links

Amazon EKS natively supports EC2 capacity blocks for ML (1 minute read)

Patterns for TargetGroupBinding with AWS Load Balancer Controller (5 minute read)

HashiCorp State of Cloud Strategy Survey 2024: Forrester's key recommendations (3 minute read)

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