TLDR DevOps 2024-06-07

Kubernetes Turns 10 πŸŽ‚, LLM Incident Summaries πŸͺ„, DuckDB 1.0.0 πŸ¦†

News & Trends

HashiCorp and AWS sign strategic collaboration agreement to expand joint product and go-to-market initiatives (2 minute read)

HashiCorp and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have entered into a strategic collaboration agreement to expand their joint product development and go-to-market initiatives, aiming to help customers implement infrastructure and security lifecycle management more efficiently.

Kubernetes turns 10: triumphs, trials, and the ongoing battle for security (5 minute read)

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Kubernetes continues to be a strong and secure platform for modern applications, with ongoing improvements in cloud-native security thanks to the efforts of the CNCF and the community.

Docker Announces SOC 2 Type 2 Attestation & ISO 27001 Certification (1 minute read)

Docker has announced its commitment to security with the attainment of SOC 2 Type 2 attestation and ISO 27001 certification, reinforcing its promise to provide secure and reliable tools for developers.

Announcing DuckDB 1.0.0 (5 minute read)

DuckDB has officially released version 1.0.0, which focuses on stability and compatibility. This major update ensures that files created with the new version remain compatible with future releases. It underscores a shift from introducing new features to enhancing reliability and preparing for future expansions, particularly in its extensions environment.
Opinions & Tutorials

Adopting OpenTelemetry for our logging pipeline (9 minute read)

Cloudflare successfully migrated its logging pipeline from syslog-ng to OpenTelemetry Collector, optimizing infrastructure efficiency and performance. This post details the technical process, challenges, successes, and future enhancements.

Cluster mesh with Cilium in AKS (7 minute read)

This article explores the Cluster Mesh feature of Cilium in an AKS environment, covering its concepts, setting up a lab, and testing the functionality.

European Union elections 2024: securing democratic processes in light of new threats (8 minute read)

The EU will hold its elections between June 6-9. It will be a major democratic event involving hundreds of millions of voters across 27 countries. Security concerns, including cyber attacks and disinformation, necessitate collaboration among various stakeholders. Cloudflare has offered support and expertise to safeguard the electoral process, extending its assistance globally through initiatives like the Athenian Project.

Incident Summaries using LLMs (6 minute read)

This post discusses how to use Llama-2 7B, an open source large language model, to generate summaries of incidents using Cloudflare workers and Workers AI.
Quick Links

How Agoda Handles Load Shedding in Private Cloud (13 minute read)

This blog discusses the principles of load shedding, the challenges in evaluating capacity, the lessons learned from past mistakes, and how Agoda redesigned its load shedding system to effectively handle overloads and maximize uptime.

Encryption At Rest: Whose Threat Model Is It Anyway? (14 minute read)

This blog post provides an in-depth examination of encryption-at-rest, discussing its complexities, common misconceptions, and the importance of understanding the specific threat model it addresses.
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