TLDR DevOps 2024-05-10

Stack Overflow and OpenAI Partnership 🤝, Slack Adopting Karpenter 🏗️, Actionable Test Failures ⏰

News & Trends

Stack Overflow and OpenAI Partner to Strengthen the World's Most Popular Large Language Models (2 minute read)

OpenAI is partnering with Stack Overflow to integrate OverflowAPI to ensure users and customers access to a reliable data foundation for prompt problem-solving and allow technologists to concentrate on priority tasks. This collaboration will also enable OpenAI to embed validated technical knowledge from Stack Overflow into ChatGPT, providing users with technical information and code supported by a 15-year-old community of developers.

Dynatrace Announces Industry's First Observability-Driven Kubernetes Security Posture Management Solution (2 minute read)

Dynatrace has introduced Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM) features to bolster its observability-driven security and compliance monitoring, leveraging a recent integration of Runecast technology. These enhancements fortify Dynatrace's existing security offerings, like Runtime Vulnerability Analytics (RVA) and Runtime Application Protection (RAP), to enhance cloud-native application protection.
Opinions & Tutorials

How Slack adopted Karpenter to increase Operational and Cost Efficiency (5 minute read)

Slack's internal Kubernetes platform, Bedrock, simplifies container deployment and management by using Amazon EKS and tools like Jenkins and Nebula overlay network. To enhance operational efficiency, Slack adopted Karpenter to dynamically provision nodes based on pod demands, leading to cost savings and faster scaling decisions, resulting in a 12% reduction in EKS compute costs.

It's always TCP_NODELAY. Every damn time (4 minute read)

Disabling Nagle's TCP_NODELAY socket option can lead to decreased network latency when sending outgoing packets on your server. This developer demonstrates that it's often worth disabling the default on option, particularly because it doesn't play well with TCP's delayed ACK feature.

Optimizing Clickhouse: 5 Tactics That Worked (17 minute read)

This article advocates for 5 tactics that helped improve their Clickhouse performance. The solutions include using larger insert batches, keeping data in wide parts (instead of compact), optimizing order by granularity, and checking merge levels.

Test Failures Should Be Actionable (2 minute read)

It's really important for a test failure to be actionable. Four guidelines that can help make tests actionable: write descriptive test names, keep tests focused on a specific scenario, narrow assertions in unit tests, and keep cause and effect clear.

Amazon CloudWatch launches resource filtering for cross-account observability (1 minute read)

Amazon CloudWatch has introduced resource filtering for cross-account observability, enabling selective sharing of logs and metrics across AWS accounts and facilitating streamlined monitoring and troubleshooting.

Did GitHub Copilot really increase my productivity? (6 minute read)

This developer had free access to GitHub Copilot for a year, using it extensively for routine coding tasks. When the access ended, they reflected on its utility and concluded that despite its helpfulness with boilerplate code, they were more productive without it due to Copilot's unpredictability and slow response times. While initially beneficial for tedious code, the developer found the AI's erratic performance and delays disruptive, leading them to prefer coding without it.
Quick Links

How We Implemented the Dedicated Egress Feature on App Platform (5 minute read)

Discover how DigitalOcean's App Platform implemented the Dedicated Egress feature, providing unique fixed public IP addresses for each app to enhance security and streamline network traffic management.

Use Grafana Alloy to collect Azure metrics with less hassle (4 minute read)

Learn how Grafana Alloy simplifies the collection of Microsoft Azure metrics by reducing API calls and offering efficient data collection via subscription-level metrics and simplified configurations.
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